Every kid’s bedroom project always has a special meaning to Circu Magical Furniture. Their mission since the very beginning is to inspired kids and turn their dreams into reality. They aim to make them believe that impossible is not a word that falls into their vocabulary. The team works tirelessly to design and build the most magical kid’s bedroom.

Kid’s bedroom project by Quattro

Kid’s Bedroom Project by Quattro – Introducing New Concepts

Kid's bedroom project by Quattro
Kid’s bedroom project by Quattro

Quattro is a determined group of highly experienced professionals with a keen desire ability to interpret your space needs and requirements into unique and efficient solutions.

Whether it’s a simple renovation job and elaborate complete operation. “Our skilled and efficient technical staff backed by solid network-affiliated workshops and industry partners will ensure your time and cost-efficient project execution.”

For this particular project, they wanted to create rooms where kids felt that their dreams were heard and they had a place they could call their own.

The inspiration behind the design of this kid’s bedroom was the sky and all the adventurous sides that life has to offer. When you go inside the room you will immediately feel like you were transported into another dimension where peace and dreams prevail?. The Sky One Plane was the chosen character to tell this very special story. The piece was customized in order to fit into the greyish palette color that was chosen for the bedroom decor.


Kid’s Bedroom Project by BSK Design

Kid's bedroom project by BSK
Kid’s bedroom project by BSK

BSK Design was founded in 2000 and aims to create extraordinary design that the world as yet to see. They believe in a close relationship with their clients in order to deliver a one of a kind project that fullfils all the requests.

This Project is highlight by the brightness the palette colors and the modern design of the choosen pieces. You can cleary see nature influence as well as a passion for different shades of yellow.

This bedroom is the perfect example of how you can design a modern and sophisticated design with the right pieces. The room looks fresh and it’s ideal for a teenager or even a young child.

By combining the brightness of the blue with the lemon yellow tone, the bedroom fits perfectly both boys and girls. The Designers chose different pieces from the Cloud Collection to design the bedroom. To complete the room, they used our Cloud Lamps to not only providing a source of color but also adding an interactive touch to the room, since they can be used to listen to the child’s favorite songs.

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