An interview with the Head Designer for Covet House Studio

We had the opportunity to interview the rising star designer, Francisca Ferreira, currently the head designer for the Covet House Studio. The artist has recently embraced a very ambitious and massive project for an 8.5$ Million Modern Classic Villa in St. Petersburg, and we wanted to know more not only about this project, but also a peek inside the curtains on the life of the young designer as well.

Luxury Modern Classic Living Room


What determined your passion for design? Tell us about the moment when you decided this is the way to go.

Since I can remember, I always loved interior design. When I was younger, I would always play with the setting of my bedroom, changing its layout, adding accessories, even asking my parents to chance the colour of the wall and furniture, and it all played with my mood at the moment. As I grew older, I knew that this was my path, I understood that this feeling towards my haven, my bedroom, was like a calling to me, it made me happier, it was a way for me to express myself. So, when I went to college, I chose architecture, but something in my mind kept saying “this is not it, this is not it.” Designing in a bigger scope, urbanism never lived up to my expectations. It was my passion for the smallest details, colours, textures and the rhythm between every element that excited me. After that I just follow my call, and ended up majoring in Interior Design. I feel completely at ease “playing” with the interiors and even, more recently, furniture design.

Francisca Ferreira
Head Designer for Covet House Studio

“Is the rhythm between every element that excited me.“

Francisca Ferreira

What about recent design projects experience? What was your staple experience?

Like I said, I’ve graduated a few years ago from college, so after that I started to work with Covet House and that’s where I had the first contact with the real work. I remember one client; she requested the design of her villa in Bahrain in the integrity, I was almost fresh out of school, no experience, and still I did, it and it was an amazing project, loved making it.


Why Covet House?

The brand gave me the opportunity to work with top luxury brands that would perfectly fit this design. The gold details and expressions in the pieces of Boca do Lobo and Luxxu for instance, where perfect for this project, because of all the monotone marble floorings, they are truly art pieces, and they stand out so well from the architecture of the spaces. Also, the possibilities were endless, with all their inspirations it was so easy to play with lighting, upholstery and other accessories that complemented each other.

“I’ve worked for a long time with Covet House’s brands, and I quite know how to work with them, arrange them and create a desirable and luxurious final setting,”

Francisa Ferreira

This ambitious project with Covet House, can you describe the concept for our readers?

So with this project the goal was to create modern contemporary aesthetic for a villa in St. Petersburg. I’ve worked for a long time with Covet House brands, and I quite know how to work with them, arrange them and create a desirable and luxurious final setting, but I usually design a room or two, in this project I had to create a full house. The language had to be transversal to all the divisions, so that was a bit of a challenge at first. Ultimately this project represents the soul of Covet House, curated pieces, some of them were customized and even bespoke pieces made specifically for this project. I wanted a comfortable and ergonomic design, because there’s no luxury in discomfort. From the moment you step in the entryway to the magnificent high-ceiling living room every single piece and detail transpires luxury, and that was the overall concept, a home with style and marvellous taste.


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