Come see the latest interior design trends that you’ll want to implement in your home!

The interior design trends we show are very diverse, we present tips for all tastes and styles. We can guarantee that all solutions are current and modern, and can easily adapt to your home.

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Textured designs are the latest interior design trend of the Renaissance era, they started with three-dimensional wallpapers, and now it’s the turn of furniture. To avoid flat fronts, plain doors, adding textures and patterns to pieces gives them a tactile feel and becomes decorative, not just furniture with storage.


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Japandi style blends features of Japanese minimalist style with cool Scandinavian style. This style reigns in simplicity and functionality, offering a timeless design aesthetic. Lately, it is one of the most sought after styles by professionals and consumers, as they believe that this interior design trend is related to people’s moods and is a positive influence.


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Home offices have come by force of the pandemic dictated to us the need to work from home, without much outside contact. This has led to many people having to adapt rooms in their homes, to work remotely. Initially, makeshift desks were common, however, as it has become a long-term situation, people are increasingly looking for functional and decorative solutions for their home offices.

Creating multiple workspaces throughout the house means that families can work from home at the same time without being inconvenienced, this is also relevant for desk spaces for children, so that children can continue to study at home when schools close.


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One of the strongest interior design trends that have emerged in modern kitchen design is the use of dark colors. The most commonly used color has been dark gray for a few years now, however, some dark tones have now been added to spaces such as green and blue, turning classic kitchens into more modern, chic and minimalist spaces. The color does not necessarily have to be applied to the furniture, but also to the walls, the floor, or even the most discreet decorative accessories.


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There are vases that do a wonderful job of holding and holding the most beautiful flowers. However, we place so much importance on flowers that we sometimes forget to focus on vases, which can also be pieces of decoration. In fact, there are already vases that are only for decoration and do not support any kind of plant inside, which have the power to transform a room in a flash.


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In recent years, gray has been the dominant color in interiors, but warm, neutral, and earthy tones are back, and come to prove that they are anything but boring.

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