An interior design project of a home must be carefully thought, as it has to be functional, yet it has to satisfy the client’s desires. Daily Design News presents you a house full of children decorated in a colorful, rich, and opulent way by the duo behind Carlos David who brings his youthful energy and fashion know-how to the interior design project.

Although they launched their New York-based design firm, Carlos David, three years ago, the couple of designers, Mexican architect Carlos Garciavelez and New York designer David Lawrence managed to keep most of their projects a secret – that is until now. The recognized interior designers have different paths, but at the same time complementary to each other. They share a background in luxury fashion and a special talent for creating opulent and unexpected spaces and are distinguished by the specifics of their journey. 

David Lawrence is more pragmatic, having worked in the business side of fashion, creating high-end residential and commercial interiors for more than 15 years, after starting a career in fashion merchandising with Giorgio Armani. As regards the prodigy architect Garciavelez, he has the most expressive side of the dynamics of this duo. He also has an impressive fashion resume, including a stint at Alexander McQueen’s design studio in London and the launch of his own menswear brand, which earned him the GQ Emerging Designer of the Year award in 2017. Both with a professional career in the fashion world, interior designers have traced their path and brand in the world of interior design projects from an early age.

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Interior Design Project: Art Meets Design by Carlos David
Interior Design Project: Art Meets Design by Carlos David

It is notorious that the client (mother of three) did not want a house that was too modern, without color, without shapes, and above all without personality. The Unique environment and luxurious style it was essential to make her space a comfortable home. In the vibrant metropolis of the Upper East Side in Manhattan city, the interior designers create a cozy oasis, where every day, the warmth of home comfort will delight.

Contemporary design should offer shapes, colorful furniture, distinct design elements. In fact, all at the right amount and the right place. The interior designers offer all of this in an elegant, unique environment, and luxurious style, to this interior design project.

Interior Design Project: Art Meets Design by Carlos David

Carlos David fascinating interior design projects offer clients a refined environment to celebrate their precious and most intimate moments in life. From the colors of the walls to the furniture, everything makes the family experience a unique environment and luxurious style. Excellent example, it will be referred to the irreverent, different, and extremely successful way how Carlos Garciavelez and David Lawrence, designed the princess room for a 10 year old girl.

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These specific interior designers will certainly add a colorful, distinct design, and luxurious style touch to the whole interior design project setup in any contemporary design!

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