The Bubble Gum Collection is our biggest crush for 2021. Full of color, new shapes, and fun times, this collection promises to invite Summer into your home and bring fun times to your kids.

Bubble Gum Playground by Circu
Bubble Gum Playground by Circu

The world of interior design is in constant change with new trends appearing every day. Pieces are now inspired by modernity and technology. The secret is in the details and by choosing the right products that can transform the room/project without making it too crowded.

Inspired by curved shapes and bright colors, our Bubble Gum Collection makes a big entrance with 14 new pieces that will make you want to renovate your home or change the project you’re working on because of how cute, sweet, and modern our new pieces are.

Bubble Gum Gym: Wonder

We also bring you for the first time a complete and magical indoor playground for kids where they can explore, do gymnastics and live true-life adventures with friends and family. We have also created special made accessories that are meant to complete the playroom and add extra fun – that seemed impossible-. Every kid dreams of a room all to themselves where they can choose and be whatever they can.

Bubble Gum Gym
Bubble Gum Gym

For the first time since the brand was created, we bring you – the very request – Bubble Gum Playground.
Inspired by the traditional outdoor playgrounds the Bubble Gum Playground is the product you need to bring adventure and creativity to your children’s play area.
With its fun features combined with exceptional design, this playground will help kids keeping exercised by giving them gymnastic equipment and dynamic elements.

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This one-of-a-kind playground features different elements that will help kids keeping exercised by giving them fun features such as a rock wall, a swing chair, a slide, and even a climbing rope. To make it safe for children, the Bubble Gum Gym has a soft velvet rug on the bottom so that kids play and explore freely without getting hurt. This luxurious playground also includes LED features.

Download here the full Media Pack of this futuristic collection.

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