Italian finishing brand Ideal Work has presented five collections of highly customisable finishes, wall coatings and flooring.

The materials can be applied on any surface and are all hand-finished, which allows them to be customised with varying reliefs and patterns, meaning designers can transform a space without the need for intensive renovations. Basically, it was designed to mimic the appearance of concrete and metal.

Ideal Work‘s finishes are all between two and three millimetres thick, which makes them so thin that there is no change in slab level. This creates continuous surfaces with no visible joins.

Ideal Work's Microtopping can be hand-finished with polished, silky, clouded or acid-stained effects

Microtopping is a micro-cement finish that allows existing surfaces to be renewed in various colours and intensities without the need to remove them from their settings. The appearance of the finish is determined by the quantity of dye used and can be hand-finished with a choice of polished, silky, clouded or acid-stained effects.

The Ideal Work finish can be applied on multiple horizontal and vertical surfaces both indoors and outdoors, such as walls, stairs, bathrooms and as flooring, and can be used on any material including concrete, ceramic and wood.

Purometallo has been designed to resemble the appearance of metal

Purometallo is a metal powder-based coating that can be applied to any surface to mimic the appearance of metal. The coating is available in six different colour options, including gold, bronze, copper, pewter, iron or Corten steel.

It can be applied using different applicators, which creates varying textures such as a tactile, shiny foil appearance or an iron-oxide look. The versatility of the coating allows for it to be used on a wide range of surfaces, including walls and even furniture.

Lixio Plus is UV-resistant and can withstand adverse weather conditions, making it suitable for both interiors and exteriors

Ideal Work has also updated its Lixio flooring system, adding options to use larger aggregates of five to 12 millimetres.

Called Lixio Plus, the flooring now lets designers make more sustainable decisions when acquiring the marble for the classic terrazzo look as they can choose to use locally sourced marble.

Designers can also select any size and colour of marble aggregates they require for their project, for a versatile flooring option.

Lixio Plus, which comes in three finishes such as glossy, slip-resistant satin or hammered, is resistant to UV rays and designed to withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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The Nuvolato Architop finish is intended for use in public areas, commercial spaces or exhibition spaces

Nuvolato Architop is a three-millimetre-thick finish that was designed to resemble concrete and made from a blend of cement and other ingredients. It can be applied to any existing surface, including concrete, ceramic, marble or sand-cement screeds.

The finish offers an easy way of refreshing interiors or restoring floors, negating the need for extensive remodelling or demolition. Nuvolato Architop is recommended for use in public areas, commercial spaces, exhibitions or industrial-style lofts.

Concrete Optik is designed to resemble fair-faced concrete and can be used on furniture or curved surfaces

Similar to Nuvolato Architop, Ideal Work has created a thin wall coating called Concrete Optik, which has been designed to take on the appearance of fair-faced concrete.

Designed for use on interior or exterior walls, Concrete Optik is a cement polymer coating that can also be applied to furniture or even curved surfaces.

The coating is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, which are generated through Ideal Work‘s applicators, allowing designers to customise the coating to their personal preference.

Ideal Work is an Italian finishing brand that specialises in flooring, wall coatings and finishes

Founded in 1997, Ideal Work is a finishing brand that originates from the Italian town of Vallà. The company develops and produces surfaces, flooring systems, wall coatings, hard landscaping finishes and decorative cement-based plastering.

Its product lines are designed for both indoor and outdoor application, and comes in a wide range of styles including industrial, classic contemporary, minimal and brutalist.


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