Circu Magical Furniture works hard, every year, to build one-of-a-kind projects that will fulfill the dream of little ones. They are very proud to be a part of some magical projects this year and we decided to gather them at a big design party and show them off to you. Learn how to improve and add a little magic to your kid’s rooms and where magic and fun are the most searched #keywords.

Kid's Room | Sky One Plane
Kid’s Room | Sky One Plane

Dare to Dream Higher

Imagination is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to designing kids’ bedrooms. And that’s the reason why our Fantasy Air Balloon and Sky One Plane are a client’s favorite when it comes to the design of a bedroom that breaths serenity and makes every child feel like they can reach anything, even the sky.
Besides the centerpieces, when we are designing the rooms with our clients the colors also play a big part of the design. To give this sense of levity and serenity, Interior Designers usually choose very neutral colors that can go from a light pink to a soft sky blue. It gives the room a more dreamy look and elegance at the same time.

The real question is: which one is your favorite?

Kid's Room | Air Balloon Bed
Kid’s Room | Air Balloon Bed


The Best of Both Worlds

It could be the beginning of a Hannah Montana song but this scenario is a little bit different because you can be whoever you want whenever you want in these very special playrooms. These projects were planned out to be both a playground and a room where your little one could study and learn new things every day.
The key pieces for an ideal Play&Learn room are definitely our range of modern desks, more specifically Sky Desk, Dream Desk, and the Illusion Collection.

Kid's Room | Dream Desk and Magical Mirror
Kid’s Room | Dream Desk and Magical Mirror

“If you can dream it, you can do it”

Walt Disney

Download the Full Media Pack of this theme and see the rest of the kid’s rooms!

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