Lighting is essential in a home: Get to know the lighting trends

A room with excellent decoration but without good lighting is not a good design. Lighting is essential and makes all the difference in our home, it is important to create environments, to make it cozier and even functional. Know this top 5 lighting trends, both functional and decorative.

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Brass has long been used in lighting pieces, but every year it becomes a lighting trend in the area of interior design. Brass adds a certain touch of lushness and modernism to products, making them look unique. This concept will always be timeless, whether we are in a more minimalist era as well as a more eccentric era, it suits either one.


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The use of geometry in lighting has been frequently used in interior design for three years in a row, but this year it is pointed out as a lighting trend. Hexagonal-shaped pieces have gained a lot of traction in lighting, resembling honeycombs, as have polygonal ones often used in the center of ceilings or walls.


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Not being among the lighting trends with the greatest functionality ever, however these pieces are not created for the purpose of lighting but rather to decorate, to leave a more attractive design. They are often used to create a certain ambiance, as they don’t illuminate much but give it a more chic and luxurious touch.


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Black is back in the lighting trends for 2022. It started to be used more last year and has worked very well in more neutral and more minimalist designs. It turns a basic design into a much more elegant design, and black is always black, black always looks good everywhere!


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One of the big lighting trends for the coming year is lamps full of eccentricity. Simple rooms where the lamp is the main piece of the project. We can compare this trend to the bonsai trend, a few years ago the use of bonsais in houses was very common, so what if we think of a “bonsai” growing on the ceiling? Yes, an unusual lamp, large and very eye catching.

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