Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad, in Russia, was inspired by the magical tales of Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffman.

Therefore, the designers recreated an impressive theatre full of history and city elements in the lobby, which also included a welcoming area with EARTH Armchairs by BRABBU, to make the customers feel like a part of the fairytale.

Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad: A Place Full Of Magic

The designers of Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad wanted to merge local history and culture in a sophisticated ambiance, but the biggest challenge was to create an intense interior that wouldn’t jeopardize guest comfort.

Entering the lobby, you will find a theatre-like interior where the past comes to life in a contemporary way: the Mercure Brand logo can be spotted on a white layered brick wall with a unique layout. In this wall, rest secluded internal spaces with paintings, based on Hoffman’s iconic fairytales, fill the room with art.

Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad: A Place Full Of Magic

It is also at the hotel entrance that guests will be able to witness what intense interiors really mean. Right after the Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad logo sits a welcoming waiting area, ready to comfort guests upon arrival, with custom EARTH Armchairs by BRABBU.

Earth Armchairs

Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad: A Place Full Of Magic

EARTH Armchairs, with shelter-style arms and a barrel-shaped body, vow to make a statement in any interior, while supplying outstanding comfort.

Showers of modern lighting fixtures of different lengths and a classic crystal chandelier demand the guests’ attention, enveloping them in this transcendent design experience, honoring the hotel’s waterfront location. As we can see in the images, the hotel lobby makes several references to Kaliningrad’s history and even to its location.

Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad: A Place Full Of Magic

The rooms of Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad, in their turn, are inspired by the visual aspect of the city, recreating its towers and inclined roofs with a modern twist. Graphic patterns of the city’s historic facades grace the floors, walls, and ceilings, bringing the cosmopolitan feeling into the room in a fashionable way.

Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad: A Place Full Of Magic
Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad: A Place Full Of Magic

The wall separating the bedroom from the bathroom was created by combining burgundy bricks and glass blocks, resulting in an inimitable look and texture. To bring a sense of warmth and comfort into the bedrooms, vibrant accents were added, such as magenta bed runners, greyish blue chairs, and emerald headboards.

The attention to detail in this hospitality project is remarkable, and it paid off greatly. Through an impeccable use of lighting, color, texture, and art, Hotel Mercure Kaliningrad achieved a flawless atmosphere, combining history, intensity, and relaxation.


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