As a mark in the design season and the largest Furnishing Trade Show, the High Point Market, in North Carolina, brings to the city more than 75,000 visitors. The event is bi-annual and is one of the pinnacles of the year for interior designers, artisans, manufacturers, and retailers.

High Point Market Delayed Due to the Pandemic

Originally scheduled for 17th April, the furnishing trade show was postponed to date between 5th and 9th June, due to the covid-19 pandemic. The decision was taken by the High Point Market Authority, by request of several exhibitors.

High Point Market Delayed Due to the Pandemic

Now in June, the furnishing trade show will be a five-day event where the latest home furnishings styles, trends, and products are presented to the world. The High Point Market is where design professionals can meet and connect with many important contributors to their company or career.

The furnishing trade show currently has more than 180 buildings, 12 million square feet of show space, 100+ countries represented and more than 2000 exhibitors.

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High Point Market Delayed Due to the Pandemic

Products, ideas, and people are the three key-words of the event, that has a goal to create a diverse hub and a dynamic center for the global home furnishings industry. High Point Market works to create a platform for leading thinkers and innovators in the design industry, lifestyle trendsetting, and product designing.

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Visit their website to be informed about the registration process. You can also have access to tips on how to plan your trip to the amazing furnishing trade show.

The High Point Market is definitely a must-see event in home furnishings this summer. Experience a global furnishing tradeshow that will allow you or your company to be part of the interior design and home décor trendsetting.

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