Hermés Boutique re-opens in Milan, completely transformed and with 3 floors, and it’s a true homage to the french culture but shows the Italian taste as well.

Hermés Boutique in Milan
Hermés Boutique in Milan

France Culture with an Italian Taste

After several months, you can finally visit Hermé’s new boutique, in the beautiful city of Milan, which was completely reformed by the architectural studio RDAI, from Paris. The studio is familiar with the brand since they have been the ones responsible for creating and designing different Hermés boutiques all over the world. For Milan, the designers wanted a style like no other that would also be a reference to the Italian spirit.

Hermés Boutique in Milan
Hermés Boutique in Milan

In this new boutique, we can find traces of geometric shapes, marble, and pieces made by local artisans. The details were inspired by the Villa Necchi Campiglio de Piero Portaluppi and the goal was to create an entire experience from the moment you enter the store until the moment you left.

The idea was to provide an ambiance that is relaxing and almost with a domestic vibe where people can buy but also catch up and talk.
On the first floor, you can find women’s accessories and a section dedicated to products made with silk and the visitor will immediately enter the universe and collection of the Dumas family, which leads the brand for over 6 generations.


Hermés Boutique in Milan
Hermés Boutique in Milan

In the over 900 meters of the boutique, you will find pieces by Nathalie Du Pasquier, Milva Maglione, Graham Little, Sonia Delaunay, and Antoine Carbonne that show you different historical marks and moments from the Hermés history.

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In order for you to access the other floors, there’s a very important detail you can not miss: the staircase is coated with legendary leather from Hermés. On the first floor, you can find the collection with leather and the men’s section. The second floor is dedicated to the ready-to-wear women’s section and the luxurious pieces of jewelry. The third and final floor is entirely reserved for a one of kind shopping experience: wood paneling, mahogany furniture, and Michele de Lucchi’s bookcase. This final floor is for VIP customers. Who would not want to enter this luxury boutique?


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