Hedvig Astrom is an art director born in Sweden, she uses her free time on weekends to create healthy smoothies called pantone smoothies. These smoothies are carefully blended to match the Pantone swatches. She says that “mixing smoothies is like mixing paint”, for example if you add a handful of strawberries you get a hot pink and mixing spinach gives you a subtle green. After the creation of the smoothies, after finding the ideal ingredients that create the color she is looking for, her partner, Michael Kushner, photographs the whole process and the final drink in a glass.


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It’s not easy to be as creative as Hedvig but she always manages to amaze us with her projects. Pantone Smoothies shows perfectly that: a delicious color experiment where she mix together fruit and other natural ingredients, trying to find out if it is possible to create tasty smoothies in any Pantone color.

Guess what? She made it!



The process of creating each smoothie begins with colored paper, that Hedvig matches to a pantone swatch. Then, she starts to concocts a smoothie recipe to match the sample shade by carefully adding fruit and vegetables-based ingredients to the mix. Then, her partner photographs the whole process in order to show us how it’s done, three simple photographs complete the series, forming a colorful guide – one of the additives, meticulously arranged, another of the glassed juice blend and the final shot is the packaged “pantone smoothie”.


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