50 Luxury Consoles is redefined by our content writers to show you 50 amazing luxury consoles for whatever would be your home, projects, hotel, or house in the countryside. Your biggest concern will be your choice.

We also must say that we believe that every console has a different story to tell, a story of unmatched craftsmanship. These items, which range from traditional elegance to avant-garde invention, are more than just pieces of furniture; they are the epitome of exquisite taste and richness.

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Grandeur And Glamour

You can find it here, whether you’re looking for the enduring charm of traditional design, the cutting-edge aesthetics of modern art, or a combination of both. These consoles are not merely useful; they are also ostentatious displays of grandeur, status symbols, and glamorous focal points.

Join us on this luxurious tour of “Grandeur and Glamour,” where these 50 opulent consoles are more than just decorative items; they represent the height of refinement. Discover, be inspired, and locate the ideal console to make your living room an opulent and luxurious haven.

A Selection Of 50 Luxury Consoles

Valdés Console | Covet House

The Valdés Peninsula has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its global significance as a site for marine animal conservation, where its shape and crystal-clear water served as the inspiration for this unique console. An enormous round mirror combined with a dark walnut top over two sublimely designed legs Beautifully crafted and naturally inspired.

Plata Console | Covet House

The Plata Console by Covet House combines natural and modern elements with its eye-catching two circular legs that converge with the sleek straight lines from the top. This exquisite console is made of a combination of metal and Patagonia marble and is named after Rio de Plata, one of the locations the Portuguese explorers visited during their early exploration of the Patagonia region, along with the Covet Collection.

Lapiaz Console Table | Boca do Lobo

The superb craftsmanship and design of the Lapiaz console reach new heights. This piece of contemporary design, which finds beauty in the most unlikely locations, was motivated by actual karst formations. Its organic elements are accomplished by hand-fitting polished brass and giving polished stainless steel a sharp finish that looks like a perfect mirror.

The mirrored façade and hammered gold accents express both dynamism and elegance, creating a lovely contrast between power and refinement that gives home decor a fresh, modern edge. A piece of utilitarian art created from newly broken ice to display beautiful, golden details

Bryce II Console | Brabbu

The Paunsaugnt Plateau’s enormous natural amphitheatre is commemorated by Bryce II Console. This plateau stands out thanks to its distinctive design in glossy gold leaf and high-gloss black lacquer. Or replicas painted to seem like marble. Any home doorway would benefit from it, as would the living room or dining area.

Newton Console | Boca do Lobo

The Newton black and gold console, which defies physics, evolved from the ancient practise of casting metal, which involves heating metal until it is molten and shaping it into spheres and semi-spheres. Each component is joined one by one to create an exceptional pattern and organic structure, which is then finished in a striking black lacquer with gold-plated accents.

50 Luxury Consoles

This console table’s top is made of brass circles with a golden texture that resembles the grain of natural wood. A modern console that advances the design scene while successfully moving into the future and carrying cultural legacies. A true manifestation of exclusivity and highly valuable workmanship.

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Ardara Console Table | Brabbu

Dolmens are prehistoric stone structures dating to the Neolithic Era. The Ardara Console Table was inspired by these distinctive architecture. With a gloss varnish and a gold leaf finish, this contemporary console table will provide a distinctive touch to any interior design.

Colosseum Console | Brabbu

Brabbu’s Colosseum Console was designed with inspiration from the Roman One of the world’s new seven wonders is the Colosseum. Its commanding presence inspires. Colosseum Console is a contemporary console table that will enable you to include the most enduring landmark of Italy into any home decor. It is made of red lacquer with translucent black and gloss varnish.

Lumiere Console | Boca do Lobo

The masterpiece known as Lumière Console brings the mystique of the boulevards of the late XIX century into your home. The Lumiere is an example of the modern duality of art and functionality. It combines Victorian street lights with architectural lines. In one arched wooden frame folded by polished stainless steel is a sculpture set consisting of a giant wall mirror, a golden light, and a useful console. An vintage fixture with an ornate edge detailing arm and an elegant pane lantern hand-sculpted by casting mould bursts through the manual fitting of gold hammered brass sheet. A distinctive console constructed of cast brass emerges in the lower portion to provide this work of art additional functionality.

Shinto I Console | Brabbu

50 Luxury Consoles

This console table honours the peaceful coexistence of man and nature. It was inspired by the traditional Shinto ideals that revere the natural world. It infuses your living space with the calm of a Japanese garden thanks to meticulous craftsmanship.

Craig Long Console | Essential Home

50 Luxury Consoles

The Craig Long Console is a lengthened version of the typical side table and is ideal for living rooms and foyers. With its marble top and gold-plated brass body, it also has an unabashedly classic aesthetic and a powerful opulent presence. This side table’s larger form offers a fantastic way to display your items and finish your decor without sacrificing style.

Suspicion Console | Luxxu

The Suspicion Console by Luxxu, the pinnacle of balance and elegance, is fearlessly fashioned in stone and fills any space with rich luxury. This marble console table, which combines marble with delicate brass lines, is the picture of meticulous equilibrium.

Soho White Console | Boca do Lobo

50 Luxury Consoles

Soho is a distinctive piece of luxury furniture that updates the appearance of the traditional console table. A group of wood drawers with high-gloss blue or pink lacquer, white lacquer with hand-carved relief patterning, gold leaf, diamond-matched rosewood veneer, mirror and black glass, and etched decoration Handmade brass pulls, some of which are chrome-plated, and cut glass knobs are used to accentuate the drawers. Since we also provide you with the option to vary the materials and finishes, every drawer is unique.

Algerone Console | Luxxu

Algerone is a lavish console with sharp geometric characteristics that draws inspiration from architectural details. It was intended, like its siblings, to serve as a constant reminder of the special power and elegance that only marble possesses. A sleek base with faux leather and brass accents holds up its Statuario marble top.

Anjelica Console | Covet Collection

50 Luxury Consoles

Consoles are functional objects that offer a surface without taking up much room. The contemporary Anjelica Console by Covet Collection has a drawer for additional storage and is made of wood, marble, and glass. Whether in a contemporary corridor, foyer, or living room, its sculptural design and fine materials provide personality and appeal.

Fendi Casa Console

50 Luxury Consoles

The Fendi Casa Console is a monument to Italian craftsmanship because it was made with remarkable attention to detail. Its choice of luxurious materials, such as fine wood and leather, provides cosiness and grandeur to any room, while its modern style guarantees a classic look.

Versace Home Console

This console is a perfect example of Versace’s daring and recognisable style. The precise incorporation of the brand’s iconic Medusa head emblem results in a focal point that emanates authority and prestige.

Armani Casa Console

50 Luxury Consoles

Giorgio Armani’s commitment to style and sophistication is reflected in the Armani Casa Console. It invites you to appreciate the beauty of simplicity with its blend of contemporary lines and traditional forms, as well as a wide range of materials.

Minotti Lang Console

50 Luxury Consoles

Because of its acclaimed simple design, the Minotti Lang Console is an adaptable addition to many different spaces. It represents the brand’s dedication to quality and creative excellence and was made with extreme care.

Roche Bobois Claridge Console

As part of the Claridge collection, this console offers not only a unique design but also the flexibility to mix and match various elements. Its vibrant colours and patterns evoke a sense of playfulness and creativity.

Hermes Console

Hermes’ Console is a marble work of art that exemplifies the company’s proficiency with this pricey material. It is a tactile and aesthetic delight, thanks to the careful attention to every little detail.

Ralph Lauren Home Basalt Console Table

The Basalt Console Table embodies a sense of classic American elegance that was inspired by Ralph Lauren’s own world. It appeals to individuals who value subtle elegance with its crisp lines and luxurious finishes.

B&B Italia Mirto Console Table

The B&B Italia Mirto Console is the epitome of how form and function should come together. With its sleek lines and balanced proportions, it is a tribute to modern Italian design.

Poltrona Frau Fidelio Console

50 Luxury Consoles

The Fidelo Console showcases Poltrona Frau’s proficiency with marble. It is expertly crafted, provides a tactile and functional experience, and stands out in any space.

Kartell Invisibles Side Low Console

50 Luxury Consoles

The Console by Tokujin Yoshioka for Kartell is a perfect example of openness and modernity. While the clean lines make it ideal for a variety of decor types, its transparent form gives the impression of space.

Christopher Guy Constellation Console

The Paloma Console by Christopher Guy is a work of art in its own right. Its intricate carvings and graceful curves evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication, transforming any space into an elegant haven.

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Giorgetti AEI Console Table

Giorgetti’s Giorgetti AEI Console Table skillfully blends contemporary style and Italian craftsmanship. Interiors get a little drama from its strong lines and unique materials.

Cassina PA 1947 Console Ico by Parisi

50 Luxury Consoles

This console embodies geometric simplicity and versatility in modern design. Its design allows you to adapt it to your specific needs.

Molteni&C Remi Console

The timeless elegance and practicality of Remi Console are on display. Due to its adaptable design, it works well in both home and business settings.

Riva 1920 Frame Resin Console

50 Luxury Consoles

Console made entirely of solid wood consisting of planks characterized by natural sides in the middle space, which is filled with transparent resin.

Ligne Roset Istrana Console

50 Luxury Consoles

The Istrana console, which takes its name from a little town close to Treviso, is a study in simplicity. Its black lacquered steel base and top, which can be made of solid American walnut or Carrara marble and has soap-style edges, have a simple yet attractive appearance. a console for keeping only the most important things.

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Theodore Alexander Vanucci Eclectics Console

Theodore Alexander’s Vanucci Eclectics Console is a fusion of historical motifs and contemporary luxury. Its intricate details and unique design language invite you to explore its eclectic charm.

Cattelan Italia Rapa Nui Console

50 Luxury Consoles

The wooden console table Rapa Nui is an elegant combination of naturalistic inspiration and excellent production techniques. The top in fine solid wood seems to rest precariously on the irregular base, formed by two monoliths. The irregular edges of this modern console make it agreeable to the touch and give it a more natural look.

Visionnaire Aurora Console

50 Luxury Consoles

Wooden console with three drawers covered in brushed stainless steel, internal and back part in lacquered mat (RAL colours). Drawers covered in marble, framed and inlayed in stainless steel. The inlay design continues on the sides. Legs in polished aluminium cast with final tips in brushed aluminium. All metal details are available in gold, bronze or black nickel finishing.

Moooi Woood

A personal desk top, a private home office, a sided side table, a fruitbowl for your apples.

Fiam Charlotte Console

50 Luxury Consoles

Fiam’s Charlotte Console is an exquisite glass console that creates an illusion of weightlessness. Its transparency and simplicity allow it to blend seamlessly into various interior styles.

Eichholtz Carlow Console Table

50 Luxury Consoles

Eichholtz Carlow Console Table exudes glamour and sophistication. Its bold design, luxurious materials, and attention to detail make it a statement piece that commands attention.

Eileen Gray 1928 Rivoli Table

50 Luxury Consoles

Two swivel trays and a frame made of chrome-plated tubular steel. Tabletops are made of MDF and are high-gloss lacquered in Chinese red, black, grey, and white. Black plastic gliders and one metal glider with height adjustment.

Ercol Ancona Console Table

50 Luxury Consoles

There are no protruding corners or severe angles anywhere in the distinctive, sculptural design of the Ancona collection, which is characterised by gentle contours and delicate lines. Lozenge-shaped table tops and shelves with all joints gently scooped and flowing smoothly have a subdued Art Deco appearance. Due to its tiny size, Ancona is ideal for smaller living and dining areas. Its sleek, light appearance adds height, elegance, and substance without being overly big or overwhelming.

Kelly Wearstler Roxbury Console

50 Luxury Consoles

With its repetitive arches and monolithic scale, the Roxbury Long Console celebrates a minimal, stylistic nod to classical architecture and form. This console features a lightly wire-brushed wooden frame that is available in Cerused Wenge and Natural Oak.

Jonathan Adler Jacques Console

50 Luxury Consoles

The ideal fusion of modernity and heritage, simplicity and charm. A low glass shelf for trinkets or books is attached to a luxurious piece of clear acrylic with brushed brass embellishments. Our Jacques Console looks fantastic in a foyer and works wonderfully behind a couch.

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Baker Furniture Zora Console Table

The Baker Luxe Collection for Baker is a genuine, cutting-edge selection infused with a diverse fusion of modern from the 1970s. The collection is a ready-to-wear approach to approachable luxury, infused with distinctive jewelry-like silhouettes and inspired by an age of icons like Yves Saint Laurent, Halston, and Warhol.

Herve Van der Straeten Zappy Console

50 Luxury Consoles

Herve Van der Straeten’s Zappy Console is a sculptural masterpiece with a contemporary twist, blending art and functionality. The Zappy console has a striking minimalist look and can be made in lacquered wood or stainless steel.

Vitra LTR Occasional Table

50 Luxury Consoles

Brown steel and wood LTR occasional table from Vitra featuring a rectangular body, a wooden top and a polished woven structure.

Roche Bobois Shark Console

The Shark collection reveals legs that break through table tops, taking the organic shape of those large marine predators who come in peace.

Arteriors Alberto Console

50 Luxury Consoles

A slender silhouette and handcrafted details define this modern console table. Iron is forged and bent by hand to create the unique double-layer structure that delivers an element of depth and dimension. A bronze finish accents its industrial appeal and accentuates the contemporary edge of this simple statement piece.

Christian Liaigre Console Kolonne

50 Luxury Consoles

Christian Liaigre, renowned for his exquisite designs that seamlessly blend simplicity with sophistication, has once again captivated the world of interior design with the Console Kolonne. This masterpiece is a testament to his unwavering commitment to timeless elegance and the use of exceptional materials.

Christian Liaigre Ravenne Console

50 Luxury Consoles

The Ravenne is a calligraphic stroke in a home, with its elegant forms and striking materials. The dynamic shape’s horizontal cross parts contrast with the top’s and base’s gentle curves. It can be placed behind a couch or up against a wall. The Ravenne marries strong lines with the elegance of various woods and finishes.

Flexform Any Day Console

50 Luxury Consoles

“Is a piece of wood that rests on a simple structure enough to produce a piece of furniture?”. This is the question Christophe Pillet asked himself when he designed the Any Day console. For the designer, the answer is yes if, “in this sophisticated understatement, we find attention to detail, balanced proportions, celebrated elegance of the silhouette, and masterful execution, characteristics that define the unique quality of that object”.

Cassina Corolle

50 Luxury Consoles

Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, and Pierre Jeanneret all created variations of the rectangular 11-P Table Pied Corolle. The first, created in 1935 for the House for a Young Man at the Universal Expo in Brussels, had a slate top, while the second, created in 1935 for Le Corbusier’s Paris flat, had a marble top.

Gubi TS Console

50 Luxury Consoles

The TS Console creates a sophisticated and sculptural aesthetics for any room with its characteristic slender legs, beautifully crossed details and contrasting solid table top. The rectangular console serves equally well as a storage unit, serving station, or media console, featuring either one or two table tops.

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