Foster & Partners intends to create this multi-generational neighbourhood that will have a large forest at the centre.

The Forestias has been designed by Foster & Partners’ local studio to address a “growing disconnect between contemporary city life and family traditions” in the country.

Design offers “template” for urban living

Once complete, it will combine housing and shared facilities that accommodate the lifestyles of different generations, enabling extended families to live in close proximity.

These will be interspersed with green spaces shared by the community, which will encourage residents to engage with nature to boost wellbeing.

It is hoped to provide “a template for healthier and happier urban living in Thailand“, according to Foster & Partners.

“Traditional Thai families often have strong intergenerational ties that are being strained due to the demands of urban life, with the younger generation moving to the city for work while the children and the older members of the family remain at home,” explained studio partner Sunphol Sorakul.

“The Forestia’s masterplan takes inspiration from the layout of traditional Thai houses to create a contemporary interpretation in the form of flexible community spaces, focussed on health and nature, that can expand and adapt as the needs of the family grow.”

Variety of house types to feature

The Forestias is divided into two zones. The north side will contain commercial, public facilities, while the larger southern zone will be residential.

Both zones will be built with “smart city principles”, such as autonomous vehicles and wireless sensor networks.

The southern zone is planned with a variety of different house types, ranging from large villas to high-rise condominium blocks.

There will also be “cluster-home residences” – groups of interconnected dwellings designed to support co-living – alongside housing for the elderly.

The north side is expected to feature offices, retail and food outlets, alongside entertainment, cultural and sports facilities, as reported by the Bangkok Post.

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Forest will form heart of neighbourhood

At the heart of The Forestias there will be a large forest to form a relationship between nature and the built environment.

Smaller planted areas and green spaces will also feature throughout the entire development, offering residents “a sense of escape into an urban oasis”.

The masterplan will be complete with The Forest Pavilion – an “experience centre” in the first that will contain interactive exhibits that showcase the vision of the neighbourhood alongside an elevated walkway through the trees.


Foster & Partners is an international architecture studio, founded by Norman Foster in London in 1967. Elsewhere in Thailand, it recently completed an Apple store with a tree-like column as its centrepiece.

Other projects currently being developed by the studio include a quartet of aluminium-clad skyscrapers in Qatar and the conversion of an abandoned gas plant in Madrid into offices.

Visuals are courtesy of Foster & Partners.

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