Founder of  Kate Guinness Design, an interior design and decoration studio based in West London.

They work internationally on both residential and commercial projects.

KGD is a small, approachable, and experienced team that takes its client’s needs and wishes very seriously and respects the architectural integrity of each space. Their projects combine antiques, fabrics, color, and art. “We work very collaboratively so clients’ needs are addressed and their taste always shines through.” – said the designer.

Exclusive Interview With Kate Guinness

What Kate love the most about her work is that each project brings new challenges, so she constantly feels like she is learning even after many years in the industry, so her working time is never boring. Even though she has just launched her first KGD piece of furniture: The Denyer Bedside Table, her dream is to keep expanding the range. Professionally she feels fulfilled with the idea of helping people to get a better life and home. “Feeling we’ve made a difference to somebody, whether by creating a home they love, or commissioning work from a small workshop or individual.” – said Kate.


Exclusive Interview With Kate Guinness

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Exclusive Interview With Kate Guinness

At the moment she has been working on a home where the property is listed and so she has been inspired by the building’s features and location as well as using materials that are sympathetic to its history. For the designer, the trend at the moment in the design world seems to be going towards color and maximalism which is great for her as it is what she really loves about design. Kate when questioned about her type of client said she doesn’t really have one, but she often works with creative clients with young families.


And you? What do you think about Kate Guinness experience and work in the interior design world? Leave a comment below!

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