En Pleurs Living Room was designed and carefully planned by HOME’SOCIETY Studio x BRABBU, as a part of the La Finca House in Madrid, located in the prestigious LA FINCA neighborhood, where some of the most well-known celebrities enjoy living. It is a contemporary art piece that would stand tall among the works of various renowned artists.

En Pleurs Living Room: A Soft Spot To Relax

The living room should be the soft spot where everyone living at the house should feel the most of home. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. On a daily basis, it may serve as a resting place, however, it is also where we receive our guests: meaning we have to make this room as welcoming to our family when they want to kick back but also as a place for our guests to relax. When furnishing a living room we look for something beautiful and comfortable, practical and livable. We need a sofa, a coffee table, a table light, or a chandelier, a chair or armchair; the placing of these products give shape to the room. Every living room should be the unique footprint of the family inhabiting the home.

The living room’s purpose is to give us a spot to rest and gather with the people we love, even if it does not have the shape or size we wish it had, we can create it as a place where the stories and memories of our lives will be sewn into the fabrics of the sofas and pillows.

For every fierce moment of joy, there’s a quiet moment of peace, almost like the silence that comes after a raging storm and that resonates through the En Pleurs living room. The painting in the beautiful marble wall, of a woman in tears, perfectly encapsulates what this room is supposed to be about: feeling and letting feel, to shed tears of joy, of sadness, to laugh, to smile, to simply be.

En Pleurs Living Room: A Soft Spot To Relax

With the LALLAN Centre Table, the wonderful APIS Table Light, and the amazing KAROO Swivel Counter Stool, the En Pleurs Living Room inhales life and perfectly contributes to the family memories that are being built inside the living room’s walls. With the SAKI Pendant Lights providing a unique golden shine and the utterly fantastic DÊCO Rug artistically framing the space’s walls, this is a room where the client can truly feel inspired!

LALLAN Centre Table

En Pleurs Living Room: A Soft Spot To Relax

KAROO Swivel Counter Stool

En Pleurs Living Room: A Soft Spot To Relax

SAKI Pendant Light

En Pleurs Living Room: A Soft Spot To Relax

Dêco Rug

En Pleurs Living Room: A Soft Spot To Relax

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