An eclectic partnership between Covet House and Ptang Studio Limited

Heavily inspired by surrealism, both the architecture and design of the spaces were the fruit of the visionary thinking of Ptang Studio Limited and Covet House. Established in 1997, the studio engages in a diverse scope of projects: ranging from small-scale residential, show flat design to large-scale commercial works like corporate headquarters and movie launching functions.

The townhouse is set in one of the most exclusive areas of Hong Kong, surrounded by a whimsical landscape that complements perfectly the planning of the mansion. Through a journey over 8 different in-house rooms and 2 exterior areas, offering a carefully curated experience – contrasting, unexpected spaces, intimate to flamboyant, restrained to expressive, and the interaction of a selection of furniture and personalities including a garden and a visionary rooftop.

Paying homage to the sole personalities of each individual, the townhouse feels like anything else seen before, just like a dream itself. A townhouse that exudes personality with an eclectic aesthetic, where a dream turned into reality. Take this journey with us, let’s step into a realm of unique designs and experiences.

The entrance welcomes the arrival of the contemporary design pilgrimage and to entering another dimension, the unordinary. Upon entering the house, a pastel orange corridor frames the view towards the living, dining, and the exterior garden in the background is set in a surreal environment, setting the tone for the unordinary experience ahead.

The Living & Dining room is a harmonized space of yin and yang, light and dark within the same space. The dining space is a dim and cozy experience and the living a bright open space with arched openings allowing more sunlight and views of the greenery, complete with a luxurious bar area. The golden finished both in the architecture and furniture pieces, illuminate the room, creating an even wider space and ethereal look. A portal into another dimension.


The Reading Room is contemplative reclusion, colored in deep rich green paneling. A calm space with a large window portraying the mind’s imagination, a fortress of solitude. The Master Bedroom expresses a geometric and artistic personality, cleanliness, and order with the subtle creativity of shapes and colors. This mid-century aesthetic transports us to another dimension and time. Both the architecture of the wall and ceiling complement the shapes of the furniture pieces, becoming one dreamful and peaceful room.

The Bathroom and Powder Room are an expressive duo with strongly defined materials and tones and a playful element with furniture and ironmongery used in place of sanitary fitments.

Interested in more eclectic projects?

The kid’s room is themed around the bubble gum and incorporates bubble gum-like furniture and colors and a feature bubblelike glass enclosure that inflates beyond the exterior. A place of amusement and where dreams come to life.

This Eclectic Townhouse has much more to get to know, explore in full detail this dreamful and luxurious house in Hong Kong. Download the full media pack here.

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