Just recently, Studia 54 an interior design based in Saint-Petersburg but with projects all over the world, presented its luxurious project of a villa in Morocco, of which they were very proud, and now have the opportunity to create an equally luxurious apartment in Moscow.

The studio is often inspired by international professional exhibitions and specialized events. They personally communicate with representatives of exclusive furniture brands and often use furniture made according to individual sketches in their projects. So Covet House, bringing 12 luxury brands under its belt, was the perfect fit for this luxurious aesthetic.

“Literally every square meter is filled with expensive
materials and original designer furniture.”

Studia 54

Next to the wall of the slab of natural marble, complemented by a sophisticated bio fireplace, there is an ottoman and a Knoll chair, even a glance that suffices to feel all the coziness and comfort that it will give to its owners. The elegant Empire round center table from Boca do Lobo is built from mahogany wood and features an exquisite polished brass surface detail. Its cracks are hand-carved and inserted through polished brass sheets, which are hand hammered for a unique and organic finish.
Its finest gold detail crack reflects a gold interior in a manifesto towards power. Flawless and bright, the remaining poplar root surface will raise the bar of the most sophisticated living rooms.


In the living room, a slatted wall of natural wood to mask the column behind it, and supplemented the composition with a brass rack with wooden inserts to create symmetry. The soft zone of the room consists of a luxurious and very comfortable sofa. This bright accent brings sophistication and warmth to the strict forms of the whole room. Design sconces complement the atmosphere, their light with red-hot gold fills the space, enhancing the sense of immersion by reflections on the walls. The light floor and ceiling contrast with the many warm details of natural wood to make the room harmonious and complete. The main luxury items of course are the amazing chandelier and the Boco do Lobo coffee table. To the side of the brass rack, we placed a soft leather couch in a nice brown color, immediately the elite parquet drags into the tile.

In this earthly tones apartment, the owners had the opportunity of comfortably receiving guests, we designed a light and airy guest room in which anyone would be pleased to stay. Amazingly decorated and especially well lighted, with both the high windows and the lighting pieces used. Standing out is the Ike Floor Lamp from Delightfull which is arranged perfectly into a sophisticated reading corner of the bedroom. Characterized by the rhythmic composition of its elements, minimalist shapes and clean lines, Ike floor lamp is the result of a collaboration between a Dutch designer and DelightFULL’s designers’ team. Light up your Nordic style living room, bedroom or office with this 70” minimalist floor lamp. With three adjustable lamp shades with glossy
black and gold-plated finishes, this Scandinavian floor lamp can light multiple areas, making it the perfect addition to your mid-century modern interior. All in all, Ike is an elegant brass floor lamp full of refinement and modernity, providing a warm and inviting tone to any room.

A large area of the apartment implies that the hall is also an essential part of the interior, so the cabinets are made of genuine leather and wood, and a chandelier resembling a floating gold stream made to order.

Could not do without a spacious and stylish wardrobe, made of premium wood, with open glass doors and interior lighting, which is very functional and aesthetic. An Earthly Tones apartment, with exclusive luxurious pieces.



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