Gabriele Chiave discusses the new light and sofa system that Marcel Wanders Studio has created for the Dutch furniture brand Moooi.

Chiave is creative director at the eponymous studio of Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, who is also one of the co-founders of Moooi.

Under Chiave and Wanders’ leadership, Marcel Wanders Studio has created two new products for Moooi – the Hubble Bubble suspension lamp and a modular sofa system called Sofa So Good.

Hubble Bubble by Marcel Wanders for Moooi

Chiave explained his intuitive approach to designing furniture at Marcel Wanders Studio in Amsterdam.

“Marcel Wanders Studio is a hub of crazy, creative and amazing people and designers,” he said. “We aim to reach people in their heart and their soul, tapping into their emotions, tapping into the irrational side of their brain more than the rational one.”

Hubble Bubble by Marcel Wanders Studio for Moooi

The Hubble Bubble light comprises an arrangement of glass spheres attached to a circular metal frame.

The light can be hung either vertically or horizontally, and its hand-blown spheres come in either iridescent or frosted glass.

Its uncluttered design makes use of Moooi‘s Electrosandwich technology, which allows a current to pass through the body of the lamp without requiring visible cabling.


According to Chiave, the lamp was designed to recall childhood memories of blowing bubbles.

“Hubble Bubble is a very poetic light, it’s a very ethereal light,” he said. “It’s like seeing a little cloud of soap bubbles in the air floating.”

Sofa So Good by Marcel Wanders Studio for Moooi

Sofa So Good is a modular sofa system that offers eight different seating modules that can be upholstered in Moooi‘s range of fabrics, as well as two table elements and three shelving units.

According to Chiave, the sofa was designed to combine a boxy form with surprisingly soft and generously proportioned seats.

“It’s a very elegant, simple, but very sophisticated sofa that looks comfortable and feels even more comfortable, with amazing details and all the opportunities of using Moooi textiles and finishes,” said Chiave.

Sofa So Good by Marcel Wanders Studio for Moooi

On top of its numerous designs for Moooi, Marcel Wanders Studio creates products and interiors for brands around the world, including air pollution masks with graphic prints for San Francisco company O2Today, kaleidoscopic mirrors mounted on leather backing for Louis Vitton, and leather hides digitally printed with fractal patterns for specialist leather studio Bill Amberg.


And you? What do you think about these Moooi new products? Leave a comment below!

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