These interior designers in Rome are influencing the design world. Take a look and let yourself be inspired!

The current design scene in Italy’s capital is heavily influenced by Ancient Rome and this has always been at the center of the city’s attraction. However, in recent years there has been a rebirth of some of the most iconic landmarks of Rome, bringing more modern architecture and interior design to this classic city. Discover the 5 best interior designers in Rome, and how they are modernizing their practices, keep reading!

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Discover The Best 5 Interior Designers In Rome


Discover The Best 5 Interior Designers In Rome
Image Credit: Achille Salvagni

Achille Salvagni is an Italian architect that has created several award-winning luxury residences and superyachts. He founded Achille Salvagni Architetti in 2002, and Achille Salvagni Atelier in 2013. The latter is devoted to the production of limited-edition furniture and lighting. In his work, you can find extraordinary attention to detail, scrupulous craftsmanship, and historical reflection.


Discover The Best 5 Interior Designers In Rome
Image Credit: DLArchitecture

DLArchitecture was founded by the Italian architect and interior designer Domitilla Lepri. With offices in Shanghai and Rome, this firm has been considered one of the 100 best architects in China for three years in a row. Their team consists of architects and interior designers whose intent is to create a blend between different cultures, resulting in elegant spaces.


Discover The Best 5 Interior Designers In Rome
Image Credit: Bluarch

Incredible designers in Rome are also represented at Bluarch. Which is a firm with offices in New York and Rome that provides services in architecture, interior design, and lighting design. They aim to create and design beautiful and intelligent architecture and spaces. Their various projects have gained them several awards and recognition worldwide.


Discover The Best 5 Interior Designers In Rome
Image Credit: BICUADRO

Known as one of the best interior designers in Rome, BICUADRO is an international firm that was established in Rome in 2007. As one of the emerging architecture firms in Italy, they have been involved in a variety of projects worldwide and won several awards. Their work is inspired by the context, both historic and environmental and they hope to continue the Italian tradition in design excellence.


Discover The Best 5 Interior Designers In Rome

Daniela Colli founded COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO, an architecture and interior design studio, in 2009. This award-winning studio has distinguished themselves for their ability to combine a contemporary vision with the user needs while considering the historical and cultural roots of interior design. The results are projects that masterfully blend the past with the future.

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