Dior opens a new spa that is not too far down from the most wonderful monuments in Paris. The city of lights is known for many notable landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame, and now, Cheval Blanc Paris, the newest spa by Dior! With interiors by Peter Marino, the new Dior Spa is one-of-a-kind and leads one into a sensorial journey of luxury and relaxation.

Dior Opens A Luxury Spa in Paris
Dior Opens A Luxury Spa in Paris

The Cheval Blanc Paris is a new luxury hotel, put together by LVMH Hospitality, in connection with its majestic, 16-year renovation of the historic La Samaritaine department store. The exclusive hotel itself is one of the best in Paris, with luxurious and elegant rooms and postcard-like views of Paris, but possibly its most striking feature is the new Spa. 

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Dior Opens A Luxury Spa in Paris
Relaxing Suites
Dior Opens A Luxury Spa in Paris

Designed by the renowned interior designer and architect, Peter Marino, the interiors are out of this world! The Dior spa recreates the comfort of a Parisian apartment, with a comfortable seating room, that features a fireplace, a selection of reading material, and a tea service. Before entering one of the spa’s treatment suites, guests have the chance to relax in this room!

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Dior’s history gave inspiration for the remarkable suites. Each one has its own selection of treatment options, and it’s inspired by a different period of Dior’s path. The “New York” Suite has a structured décor, inspired by the avant-garde look created by Christian Dior in 1947, while the “Bonne Étoile” suite pays tribute to Christian Dior’s lucky star with a magical starry ceiling in which to lose yourself during treatment. 

Dior Opens A Luxury Spa in Paris
The treatments 

Dior has released a cutting-edge skincare line and the treatments offered at Cheval Blanc reflect the brand’s propensity for blending innovative technology with some good, old-fashioned decadence. 

Dior Opens A Luxury Spa in Paris

Treatments aside, visitors can enjoy a swim in the Seine-level, mosaic-filled swimming pool. This is the largest in any hotel in Paris!

Dior Opens A Luxury Spa in Paris

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