Design Trends must provide comfort, elegance and sophistication, and for this reason, different home divisions require different atmospheres and colours, as a way to be in line with the personality of the people who live in.

As we all know, during the past year, the world has changed, so our homes acquired a whole new meaning: becoming our offices, our hanging spots, but above all, our refugees. Similarly to what happened at the beginning of 2020 with Interiors With Personality – An Intense Way Of Living Book, this year BRABBU decided to present the 21|22 Interior Design Trends Book to help you to create the home of your dreams.

Design Trends #1 | Sandstone

Design Trends To Keep Interiors Fascinating

Sandstone – the rock – was recognized as a superb material to craft homes; Sandstone – the color palette – is a superb option to follow the design trends. Sandstone is a set of luscious high-temperature shades, which are in essence lighter and darker variations of tan. These hues transpire a grounded spirit: their inherent association to the earth has the power to spark an affective connection, all while their intense warm dimension bewitches anyone that lays eyes upon them.

Design Trends #2 | Umber

Design Trends To Keep Interiors Fascinating

Umber is a set of deep, vibrant earthy colors that merge warmth and audacity. These intense earthy neutrals take us on an adventurous journey through nature, symbolizing a more connected and slow-paced, but at the same time richer life. Umber can bring heat even to the coldest of interiors, but its grounded nature keeps it from becoming overbearing. Therefore, you can use these shades both as accents and neutrals: pair them with whites and greys for an embracing and daring touch of color or combine them with other earthy shades for a playful and daring fall look.

Design Trends #3 | Prime

Design Trends To Keep Interiors Fascinating

Starting with the basics is the most straightforward way to make almost anything failproof. And what are the basics when it comes to color schemes? The color wheel, of course. While monochromatic palettes have been the belle of the ball for the past seasons, the simple but effective wheel offers plenty of other color harmonies – one of them being analogous colors.

Design Trends #4 | Eletric

Design Trends To Keep Interiors Fascinating

While the magic of artificial lighting keeps your home from getting visibly darker in the colder seasons, taking a cue from nature’s progression is known to be a good go-to when it comes to interior design tips. In the crisp months, the electric colors we have come to known become dimmer, less saturated, less energetic – and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Electric –the color palette – combines an array of cold colors in muted hues, giving you the opportunity to keep your home colorful, but much more relaxing and embracing.

Design Trends #5 | Balance

Design Trends To Keep Interiors Fascinating

The world’s pace seems to be getting faster and faster. Hours are longer and more stressful; the job market is just as competitive as the stock’s one, and what we once turned to for distraction from all the chaos – social media – turned out to be one of the biggest enemies of our mental health. As a society, we have become increasingly aware of how detrimental this rhythm has become to our well-being and so, much necessary escape routes were designed.

Design Trends #6 | Harmony

Design Trends To Keep Interiors Fascinating

Both in art and in everyday life, harmony can be defined as “a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts”. This congruity throughout the elements that compose our quotidian experience is essential in granting an inner feeling of ease – at the end of the day, when something seems out of place, there is always a lingering feeling of wariness. Harmony in art is obtained when the elements of an artwork merge in a coherent manner.
Certain elements can be repeated all throughout, yet they still look and feel like they belong to the larger opus.

Design Trends #7 | Flashback

Design Trends To Keep Interiors Fascinating

Seasons come, they go, they come back again – and so do trends. In fact, one of the most polarizing decades when it comes to style has been making quite the return: the 80’s. The ’80s were immortalized by irreverent shapes in both hair and design, holographic fabric, and, most notoriously, neon colors. Flashback is an ode to the days of glory of bright and bubbly shades, giving the lively 80’s neon palette a muted and warm twist that makes it fit right into today’s desired aesthetic, effectively bringing nostalgia, joy, and sophistication together.

Design Trends #8 | Cotton

Design Trends To Keep Interiors Fascinating

Either in supple little balls or in our wardrobe, cotton is not, or has ever been, a stranger to any of us. For Design Trends, it is seen as one of the softest and fluffiest fibers present in nature, native to tropical and subtropical regions around the world – one that has been widely used to create fabric ever since prehistory. Its unmatched breathability carries with it a series of well-established health and comfort benefits that are yet to be replicated by any other fiber and, for this very reason, cotton is the most commonly used natural fiber worldwide today.

Design Trends #9 | Earth

Design Trends To Keep Interiors Fascinating

As social and rational beings, it’s in our nature to search for connection, for touch, for meaning. As the industrial revolution steers further and further away in time, we’ve turned our newfound attention and amazement with what humans can create back to what was already created before us: the Earth. In the past few years, we’ve come across a new global focus on the planet we inhabit: the longing to explore it, the need to take care of it, the gratitude for having it, and, most importantly, the hypothesis that we can find all those things we crave in what it has to offer – after all, there’s still so much to discover about the vast oceans that so gracefully cover its surface and the beautiful flora and fauna that is houses.

Design Trends #10 | Spruce

Design Trends To Keep Interiors Fascinating

Spruce is a type of pine tree found in the northern temperate and boreal regions of the Earth. Like so many other others of its kind, this resilient tree might be of understated beauty, but its value is well noticed. Not only does their wood yield one of the most generally used timbers, but they also produce the most important pulpwood for the manufacture of paper and have several health benefits hidden within their fresh shoots. Spruce, and its tonewood, is also none other than the standard material used in soundboards for many musical instruments, including guitars, mandolins, cellos, violins, and the soundboard at the heart of a piano and the harp.

Design Trends #11 | Forest

Design Trends To Keep Interiors Fascinating

In times of uncertainty, restlessness, and stress it’s absolutely fundamental to find outlets that allow you to let everything go and come back to a serene state of mind. In moments such as these, a walk-in nature can be one of the best remedies one can find. The sight of the raw ground, green foliage, mysterious bushes that appear to hide a universe within themselves, birds frolicking about and accidentally singing in perfect symphony – all of this brings on a sensation of tranquility, peace, and maybe even some excitement in the unpredictability of the future, which can, unfortunately, become a seldom feeling due to the anxiety incertitude brings on.

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