Design Exhibitions are a great plan for the summer. As Art Galleries and Museums are rising again this Spring and Summer, from all around the world, from New York to Paris, there’s plenty of choices. Daily Design News has curated 14 design exhibitions, that are truly worth visiting.

“David Hockney: Ma Normandie”

Pace Gallery in East Hampton

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

On view at the Pace Gallery’s seasonal outpost in East HamptonNew York, English painter David Hockney brings Normandy to life through enchanting, newly created scenes from his home in northern France. The artist’s peaceful surroundings represent the simple feeling of shifting seasons.

“Claude & François-Xavier Lalanne: Nature Transformed” 

Clark Art Institute in Massachusetts

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

Commonly named “Les Lalanne”, François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne share a love for the great outdoors. For Claude, a passion for flora and fauna led to reimagining plants in fantastical forms; François-Xavier explored the inner lives of animals in his abstract but practical creations. The design exhibition is the first of its kind to be organized in the U.S. in over 40 years. 

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“Charlotte Perriand: The Modern Life” 

Design Museum in London 

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

Charlotte Perriand was a pioneering French architect and designer driven by a quest for good, functional design. This design exhibition in London strives to give an enlightening portal into her independent, international world by juxtaposing furniture like the well-known metallic Chaise Longue Basculante with recreated interiors.

“Inside~Out in the Garden 

Saint Marks Place in Brooklyn

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

The second edition of “Inside~Out in the Garden, at Saint Marks Place, the sleek but lush new condominium development in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, was designed by INC Architecture & Design. This design exhibition explores the idea of post-pandemic human interactions through the work of more than 20 designers and studios.

“Chris Gustin” 

Donzella Project Space in New York

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

The Ceramist Chris Gustin has been featured in institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is now in the middle of his first solo exhibition in more than a decade thanks to the Donzella Project Space in the New York Design Center.

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“Samantha Bittman & Chris Beeston”

Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

At the Patrick Parrish Gallery, in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood, Chris Beeston’s lamps are symbols of elevated domesticity, placed in dialogue with Samantha Bittman’s paintings on canvases of the thread she weaves by hand into geometric patterns.

“Craft Front & Center”

Museum of Arts and Design in New York

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

The design exhibition, “Craft Front & Center” shows the evolution of craft and its pivotal role in such movements as Abstract Expressionism, Pop art, and postmodernism, the show is organized around themes like fiber, glass, and clay. It highlights the significant impact that women and people of color have had as artists in this multifaceted genre.

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Foreland in Catskill, New York

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

“ART+NATURE+HOME” stars furniture and sculpture made from materials such as wood, clay, wood, and stone by rural-dwelling talents. It features amazing artworks like Chris Lehrecke’s custom Ping-Pong table, Jonah Meyer’s desk, and John-Paul Philippe’s raffia and blackened steel room divider.


Carpenters Workshop Gallery in New York

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

Vincenzo De Cotiis is truly passionate about weathered materials, and at “Éternel,” at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, the artist experimented for the first time with bright cast aluminum tables, seating, lighting, and cabinets. Inspired by Japanese temples, gardens, and folding fans, he implemented a sand-cast technique to elicit textured surfaces that morph from different perspectives. This one couldn’t be out of this design exhibitions list!

“Elemental Folds” 

Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

“Elemental Folds” at the  Carpenters Workshop Gallery, in Paris, highlights the emerging Greek artist Kostas Lambridis, who manipulates discarded plastic garden chairs and broken window glass to reinterpret such furniture icons as the elaborate 18th-century Badminton Cabinet and the Memphis Group’s brightly hued Carlton bookcase. From the design exhibitions of this list, this one is one that most awakens the curiosity and lets the imagination fly for itself!

“Cast Iron”

Emma Scully in New York

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

One of the promising design exhibitions for this summer is by Emma Scully, who is currently exhibiting at her namesake gallery on New York’s Upper East Side. “Cast Iron” reflects an eco-conscious (and pandemic-friendly) creative process that merges the industrial and the technological. This design exhibition is the result of a collaboration with the family-run OK Foundry in Richmond.

“Hialeah Eléctrica: Metavector”

Bass Museum in Miami

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

Rafael Domenech and Ernesto Oroza, the Miami artists and Cuban émigrés, are unveiling “Hialeah Eléctrica: Metavector” at the Bass Museum in Miami. Interested in Miami’s response to the globalization of production and infrastructure, the installation mixes humble materials like vinyl and drywall while drawing from the history of Latin American urban design in South Florida and the oeuvre of Arata Isozaki—the Pritzker Prize-winning architect behind the museum revamp. Definitely, one of the design exhibitions not to miss!

“Noguchi: Useless Architecture”

Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum in Long Island City, New York

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

“Noguchi: Useless Architecture” at the Isamu Noguchi Foundation and Garden Museum in Long Island City, New York, reflects Isamu Noguchi’s desire for ambitious architecture that transcends restraint and sculptures that are imbued with a soulful purpose. In this design exhibitions list, of course, this one, couldn’t be out!

“In Good Company”

 Liaigre in New York

Design Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2021 Summer

Miami artists and curator Nina Johnson is exhibiting the Liaigre showroom in the city’s Design District with “In Good Company,” a combination of photographysculpturepaintings, and mixed media from artists Martine Barrat, Anna Betbeze, Emmett Moore, and Jonathan Rajewski that celebrate nature and humanity.

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