If you have a garden and want to renovate it, learn here how to decorate your luxury garden with top garden trends. With the warmest season of the approaching, it’s arriving the time to spend more time outdoors, to relax, to be close to nature and to recharge batteries. Be inspired by the latest and hottest luxury garden ideas.


Embrace the small garden.

Space is premium but designers are determined to make even the smallest of gardens to be attractive, beautiful and useful. Less can be more.

This fire feature saves space by serving a variety of purposes.


Make craftmanship a priority

With so many mass-produced products around us, we often forget that are still people making products by hand and they can be amazing. The following examples will prove you that a handcrafted garden is always the best one. With these photographs we want to encourage you to seek out an artisan next time you add a structure or other important element to your property.

Lew French, based on Martha’s Vineyard, builds pieces that look as if they have stood for eons. His Three Walls project was a collaboration with landscape designer Wes Wirth. French’s original design for the opening over the pool ended with the straight lintel. Unsatisfied with the way it looked, he added the arch of granite wedges.

This arbor adds intimacy to the garden and also screens the neighbor’s yard. The vertical oak pieces are 12 inches thick, it’s sturdy and gives the feeling of permanence.


Restore habitats at home.

Most people are aware that bees and butterflies are in decline, but did you know that habitat loss is also impacting birds, frogs and turtles too? Let’s think about it and start making small habitats for small species!


You can adjust your plant selections and redesign your garden to better support local wildlife.

Here are some of our favorite takeaways for creating a habitat garden:

  • Grow both seed-producing and berry-bearing plants
  • Restrict or stop using insecticides
  • Consider replacing some or all of your lawn


Create a sense of enclosure

The most common method to enclose a garden is with a fence. We know that fences have practical purposes like containing your pets or prevent that people trespasse, but let’s be honest, fences aren’t always the most attractive solution. We will show you options that offers you privacy and substitute fences in a attractive and welcoming way.

DECORATE YOUR LUXURY GARDEN WITH TOP GARDEN TRENDSThe owners of this Salem, Oregon, cottage felt exposed to the street, even inside their home so, to create a sense of enclosure that still felt welcoming, they gave the lawn clean-lined geometry with a rectangular frame, wrapped by deep beds filled with dwarf shrubs, grasses, and soft-textured perennials.


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