Colorful House is an interior design project by Ariel Okin’s in New York’s 5th Avenue. This renovation aims to demonstrate that bold accessories are key to level up the most neutral environments, making a huge difference when it comes to distinguishing a dull house and interior design projects, that are refined, elegant, and luxurious. Colorful House brings contemporary design to a unique environment that promises to awake inspiration.

Colorful House in the 5th Avenue - Project Tour

As one of the most coveted views of New York City, over the famous Central Park, one can think that it is possible to bleach a little when it comes to decoration. This Colorful House came to demonstrate exactly the opposite. According to the designer in charge of the interior design project – “The views were so stunning, so we really didn’t want to take away from that.” – the focus was on maximizing the light and the view surrounding the apartment, giving space for details and accessories to shine by themselves.

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Colorful House in the 5th Avenue - Project Tour

The owners were looking for something exquisite that was connected with the neutral architecture and surrounding landscapes of the apartment, but that stood out for the subtlety and refinement of notes of strong warm tones, the ultimate contemporary design. The wife, owner of this unique colorful house, even said that “we warmed up the space with little flecks of jewel tones, metallics, pattern, and texture.”. Undoubtedly a unique environment that immediately brings us that unmistakable feeling of feeling at home.

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Colorful House in the 5th Avenue - Project Tour
Colorful House in the 5th Avenue - Project Tour

The contemporary design is based on a neutral, minimalist, and very clean palette, which perfectly combines the grandeur of the landscape that surrounds the entire apartment, however, it is the notes of color that make all the difference in this home decor. The choice of warm tones, in key pieces, are extremely well thought out and make this project a distinct and luxurious apartment. The proof as a Colorful House does not necessarily have to refer to something childish, but it can turn into a refined and elegant home.

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Different textures and shapes are present throughout the design, many curved shapes in the furniture, for example, refer immediately to a unique environment. An interior design project with a decidedly contemporary design, this Colorful House is characterized by the windows that surround the entire apartment, thus celebrating the experience and history of New York City, providing its residents with an immersive view of one of the most well-known parks all around the world.

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Source: Elle Decor

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