Ch Tea Room Kobe is a pink paradise. Get inside and take a little tour of this fabulous design!

Ch Tea Room Kobe is the perfect place to do two of the most important things in life: eat and relax! To top this amazing feeling Ch Tea Room Kobe has a terrace where you can feel like you are in the comfort of a real-life dollhouse.



Image Credit: Essential Home

Ch Tea Room Kobe has pastel pink spreading wide from wall to wall and contrasting with cold & chic mint velvet armchairs and hand-painted floral wallpaper.

Floral Wallpaper:

Image Credit: Essential Home

A few selected pieces stand out in the whole decor of the room, especially the custom-made mid-century furniture pieces by Essential Home. If you walk around Ch Tea Room Kobe you will not have any trouble finding Monroe armchairs.

Monroe Armchair:

Image Credit: Essential Home

Monroe Armchair is inspired by one of the most seductive movie icons of all time, Marilyn Monroe an elegant and chic chair with a color that is a true Hit nowadays, Millennial Pink in a perfect armchair ready to give this feminine tea room that midcentury modern twist.

We also need to talk about Florence Stool, it was also chosen to be an important part of Ch Tea Room Kobe! Just like Monroe, Florence has a strong personality and presence in a room and he can always make a difference! With a somewhat cylindrical shape and cushioned seat upholstered in velvet fabric.

Florence Stool:

Image Credit: Essential Home

The pastel furniture by Essential Home was carefully chosen to complete the tea room decor and bring it all together in a harmonious and elegant way.

A real-life dollhouse:

Image Credit: Essential Home

Ch Tea Room Kobe is the place where people are invited not only to enjoy the product it sells, but also the surrounding environment.

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