Campana Brothers was founded in 1984, São Paulo – Brazil, by the brothers Fernando and Humberto, and since then the studio is recognized for its furniture design and intriguing products.

Nowadays, the studio operates in the areas of architecture, landscape, scenography, fashion as well as special projects and commissions.

On its 35th anniversary, the studio was internationally acknowledged as pioneers of disruptive design, which led them to create a ground-breaking language in their field. Proudly rooted in Brazilian culture and traditions, Campana Brothers‘ work carries universal values in its core – such as freedom and human dignity, through the search of one’s identity from life experiences.

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Campana Brothers, Transforming Chairs Into Art Pieces

Like many of their designs, the Iron collection expresses a polarity between the dream and the actuality, between fantasy and gravity. The objects embody a penchant for expressing an effortlessness and weightlessness.

Campana Brothers, Transforming Chairs Into Art Pieces

A staple in many of the Campana Brothers creations, bamboo, one of the most sustainable materials today, lends itself to a wide array of applications, from resistant structures in furniture to light decorative objects with very little interference to the original shape, respecting its natural state.

Campana Brothers, Transforming Chairs Into Art Pieces

Fernando and Humberto Campana have shaped a unique and surprising way of representing the world around them. Their combined curiosity for reusing mundane or discarded materials and increasing attention to unusual methods of upholstery – the stuffing, cushions, fabric, and other materials used to upholster furniture – eventually led the designers to experiment with masses of discared cloth, including rubber and carpeting, the plush toys from their childhood, and the traditional fabric dolls made in Esperança – a small town in Northeastern Brazil.

Campana Brothers, Transforming Chairs Into Art Pieces
CB Collection
Campana Brothers, Transforming Chairs Into Art Pieces
Brazilian Baroque

This Brazilian Baroque collection takes its inspiration from the intensively decorative and sumptuous Baroque style of the 17th and 18th centuries, combined with the Campana Brothers‘ own take on Brazilian art and culture. The collection includes new coffee tables, to be shown for the first time at David Gill Galleries, as well as a selection of works first shown at The Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris last autumn.

Campana Brothers‘ creative process elevates everyday materials to nobility, bringing not only creativity to design but also Brazilian characteristics such as colours, mix and matches, creative chaos, the triumph of simple solutions, in an artistic and poetic way.

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Campana Brothers‘ pieces are part of permanent collections of renowed cultural institutions such as Centre Pompidou and the Musée Des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, MoMa, New York, Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo and Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein.

Campana Brothers, Transforming Chairs Into Art Pieces

The Racket Collection was inspired by a tennis racket given to the brothers by his father when they were kids. Although they never took interest in the sport, they were fascinated by the transparency effect and lightness of the nylon thread, which triggered their curiosity about the non-material. A trip to Asia at the time also inspired an East versus West fusion, creating a striking a juxtaposition with a traditional bamboo mandala.

Campana Brothers, Transforming Chairs Into Art Pieces

The Transwood collection uses genuine Brazilian manual techniques and a unique combination of wood and natural wicker materials. Featuring “Dois Irmãos” (Two Brothers), a bench that visually ebokes unity and partnership, representing the values of Fernando and Humberto Campana. Created to celebrate 35 years of the brothers’ careers, the bench just received the Casa Vogue Brasil Awards 2020 in the Collection Design category.

Campana Brothers, Transforming Chairs Into Art Pieces

The Pirarucu collection features the striking and unique texture of the Amazonian freshwater fish of the same name. Thanks to research and training, native and communities in the region practice sustainable, non-predatory fishing, strictly following regulations to avoid reproduction seasons and preserving of the species in its natural habitat. Monitored by the Brazilian Environmental Control Agency (IBAMA), each skin is numbered and tracked, assuring quality, and sustainability control. The collection includes armchairs, cabinet, buffet (in natural and aluminium) and a special bronze cast mermaid chair.

Campana Brothers, Transforming Chairs Into Art Pieces

The Bolotas collection (2015) was initially inspired by stone walls, but the name came from the first prototype that showed up to be soft and round like an acorn (‘bolotas’ in Portugues). Each piece is covered with sustainable CHROME-FREE leather, assuring the tanning process does not generate solid residues in the water that could impact the environement. The leather also carries the LWG GOLD certification, the highest rating given by the internationally recognized Leather Working Group, that regulates the number of chemicals allowed in leather tanning.


Cangaço pays tribute to genuine Brazilian craftsmanship, here represented by the intricate leatherwork of Master Espedito Seleiro, a national reference to traditional northeastern leather goods production, from saddles to footwear. This limited collection is the perfect blend of contemporary and tradition, with a total of six pieces: an armoire, a bench, a mirror, a chair and a shelf.

In 2009, the Campana Brothers founded Instituto Campana, in order to preserve their ever-growing collection for future generations and to promote design as a tool for transformation through social and educational programs.

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