White, grey and nude tones define Caffe Latte neutral mirrors. A type of decoration that fills the space in a harmonic and simple way. 

Through a new perspective, Caffe Latte shows, with Neutral Mirrors, the ability to join modern and minimalism in simple pieces, reinventing them in terms of shapes and standards.

Caffe Latte presents Neutral Mirrors, not just as a trending furniture piece, but specially for the grey, beige and brown colors applied, along with tranquil, but elegant pieces. These kind of mirrors can generate a change of mindset on those who think is only possible to create greatness and luxury pieces, combined with bright colors. “Simplicity is the key” never done so much sense.

Iris Round Mirror

In a partnership with Essential Home, emerges Iris, a round neutral mirror that will be a guideline for every perceptions and senses. Through its structure in lacquer, palisander wood veneer and golden leaf, Iris will bring the necessary elegance and boldness for a bedroom or even hall wall.

Kilimanjaro Mirror

The African Mount served as an inspiration for the creation of Kilimanjaro mirror, a pronounced and unique mirror, suported by a solid mahogany wood frame, filling perfectly the space, with clean and neutral lines.

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Persia Mirror

Persia is a timeless and classical mirror, made from either oak or mahogany wood. The neutral tones, like white or silver, bring the Orient richness like no other.

Shield Oval Mirror

In partnership with Maison Valentina, the spotlight turns to Shield, an oval mirror, with clear propensity to adorn neutral interiors, specially bathrooms. The definition of elegance, power and sobriety, with straight lines, at the minimal space.

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Due to simplicity, elegance and modernity perfect trio, Caffe Latte Neutral Mirrors offers neither more nor less. It is just the enough to give consistency and unity, through a functional design, to any interior room.

As 2021 will be characterized by the use of light tones, Neutral Mirrors will certainly trend, taking into account the idea of simplicity, combined with beauty and innovation, that will cover small details and bring clean lines.

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And you? What do you think about these neutral mirrors by Caffe Latte? Leave a comment below!

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