White, grey, cream and peach are essential tones on Caffe Latte Dining Chairs, made to be comfortable and elegant, with different aesthetics and perspectives.

More simple or more bold, the most important is to achieve the goal of well-being at home, and once again, Caffe Latte Dining Chairs highlights the importance of neutral tones in several home environments, and shows that they can serve as well as any other.

It`s the perfect combo between simplicity and attractiveness, in which traditional and modern design take place. Despite a colour-free palette, the possibilities for Neutral Dining Chairs are endless and the design world agrees…

Collins Dining Chair

In a partnership with Essential Home, Collins is one of those Dining Chairs. It was designed with a classic retro chic feel and comes finely upholstered in velvet, supported by glossy black legs with rich accents of polished brass. It allows a comfortable, but also elegant seating to have on a dining table.

Marco Dining Chair

Marco Dining Chair is probably the most comfy, talented and luxurious of all dining chairs. It features polished brass and glossy black feet along with round-shaped arms. A brilliant piece, that will certainly stay in memory.

Loren Dining Chair

Loren also takes part on the dining chairs team, and it is a tub chair with curvilinear forms, truly irresistible in all its might. Made with polished brass, Loren offers contemporaneity, through a modern design approach.

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Moka Dining Chair

Based on the world´s longest cultivated coffee, Moka is the last on the Dining Chairs list. A simple, but refined chair, made with solid woods. It`s discreet and adaptable to different environments and tastes, accomplishing the goals of comfort and sobriety.

It`s very easy for a room to become beige and one-dimensional on the quest for neutral. For that reason, layered fabrics, exquisite finishes and beautifully crafted objects are used to create depth, a space you want to immerse yourself in, with everything that is needed. Neutral Dining Chairs put the client in mind, where the concept is create understated and chic pieces, that punctuate the space with new life and sensations each time.

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And you? What do you think about these kind of dining chairs? Leave a comment below!

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