Autumn is almost here, so BRABBU selected the best trends and colors, reflected in incredible modern upholstery options for the upcoming season.

Assuming that interior design trends are related to exploring what is popular and fashionable, BRABBU considered that these must reflect people’s personalities and beliefs. The past year has transformed nearly every aspect of the world, making humanity evolve accordingly, and focusing on the most important things, like spending time with family and seizing the day. In its aftermath, this pandemic came to change lives forever, making comfort and functionality the most important trends to follow, to create environments filled with calm, warmth, and serenity.

autumn colors & trends

Modern Upholstery Options to Update Your Home

Autumn Colors & Trends: The Colorful and Monochromatic Feeling of Olive Branch

Olive Branch is a soft and slightly brownish shade of green, inspired by the unique tint olives acquire. Given its subtle nature, this Autumn color trend can serve as a neutral and an accent tone, depending on how comfortable people use it. The secret to playing around with Olive Branch is to start by applying it to accessories, like rugs or curtains, accent walls, sofas, or cabinets, to dip the toe into colorful interiors but maintain the monochromatic neutrals.

autumn colors & trends

As one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, Dukono embodies an unpredictable strength. Just like DUKONO Bar chair, upholstered in velvet, with legs in black lacquer matte and brushed aged brass details. Place it in modern Autumn home decor and watch the DUKONO Bar chair fill the room and the season with its strong attitude.

autumn colors & trends

autumn colors & trends

In Roman mythology, Tellus is the goddess of the Earth. TELLUS Dining Chair honors its deity aura. The velvet fabric, nailhead trim, and back legs in matte lacquer add subtle sophistication, making this chair an elegant product able to fit in any modern dining room.

Autumn Colors & Trends: The Relaxing Effect of Blue Shades

Blue is a timeless choice for interiors, but in recent years, softer and fresher shades have become a go-to for interior designers, given the extremely relaxing effect of this aquatic shade. Xenon Blue is an autumn color trend versatile, powerful, and elegant, furnishing any room with character, from the living room to the kitchen, and the bathroom to the bedroom, providing various stylistic directions and combinations. For example, when mixed with white, it creates the most balanced and bright space.


autumn colors & trends

As one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, Dukono embodies an unpredictable strength. Just like DUKONO Counter Stool, upholstered in velvet, with legs in black lacquer matte and brushed aged brass details. Place it in your autumn home decor and watch DUKONO Counter Stool fill the room with its strong attitude.

Autumn Colors & Trends: A Pop of Color with Orange Tones

Autumn is just around the corner, so to spice things up, orange is synonymous with the upcoming season, embodying the warmth of red and the optimism of yellow. Stimulating, vibrant and flamboyant, this color is surprisingly versatile, so when set against a soft neutral pattern, it becomes a slick update on a traditional design, adding a modern and contemporary vibe to any environment.

autumn colors & trends

Begonia is a beautiful flower from tropical countries. Inspired by its warm energies and the bold shape of its petals, our designers conceived BEGONIA Dining Chair. Its charming curves and soft cotton velvet upholstery make this the perfect curved back armchair for elegant autumn interiors.

autumn colors & trends

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