Not all artwork pleases everyone, but these are hilarious! Check out the world’s most bizarre art museums

How do you turn an ordinary object into something special? By putting it in a museum! It’s not that all art is normal, art represents a different view of everything, a different beauty and is very peculiar. Regardless of how strange or normal these objects look, they are the ones that transport us to times past and open doors to history. They reveal our darkest concerns, our brightest ideas, and the infinite creativity of the human mind.

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Located in the small mining town of Guanajuato, Mexico, this museum is one of the most bizarre art museums in the world, thus becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It takes us back to the mid-19th century, where hundreds of bodies were buried in the crypts of the Pantheon of Santa Paula, if the families could not afford the funeral ceremonies, the bodies were exhumed. It was there that it was discovered that the bodies were mummified (by the natural process), due to climatic factors characteristic of the region. These mummified bodies are now on display in this museum, including children’s bodies.


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This time in India, in its capital, this museum enters the top of the world’s most bizarre art museums. As its main product the toilet, this museum presents the history of hygiene and sanitation from 2500 BC to the present day. From the gilded bathhouses of Roman emperors to medieval latrines, the museum documents the evolution of the toilet through different eras. As if the intricately painted potties were not enough, the museum also houses a collection of rare latrine poems.


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Plastination was studied for many years by Gunther von Hagens, a medical student with a taste for dissection and chemistry. Plastination is a somewhat controversial process, as it consists of using polymers to preserve human tissue. This bizarre art museum gives its visitors a lesson in anatomy and all its history, as they can see the graphic process of plastination with displays of humans and animals in creative poses. The center also offers the Body Worlds traveling exhibits, which have been the subject of several ethics debates about the procurement of bodies and the treatment of human cadavers.


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On a trip to Tokyo, a stop to visit this bizarre art museum is almost mandatory. Noodles are part of Japanese culture and this museum has already become one of Japan’s tourist attractions as well as the Instant Noodle Park. Momofuku Ando, after a year of experiments, in 1958, invented the world’s first instant noodles. This art museum tells the whole evolutionary process in this long walk of Momofuku. visitors can see instant noodle packets from around the world, taste limited edition products from Hokkaido and Tohoku, Japan, and design their own soup packet in My Instant Noodle Factory.


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Located in the crystal clear waters of Cancun, this bizarre art museum features over 500 life-size sculptures fixed to the sea floor. In addition to this cultural and tourist value, it also has environmental value, as it serves as a coral reef that promotes the growth of corals, which continually transform the underwater landscape. The result is an unsettlingly beautiful visual representation of the interaction of humans with the environment. Visitors can explore the museum by glass-bottomed boat or by snorkeling or scuba diving.

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