Das Canoas House is a classic. Get inside and take a little tour of this fabulous architecture project!

Designed by Niemeyer in 1951 as his family home, Das Canoas House is considered one of the most significant examples of modern architecture in Brazil and is well recognized by specialists in art history as a synthesis of modern architecture and authorial self-creation that flourished in Europe and America. Das Canoas House now is open to the public, offering visitors a permanent exhibition on Oscar Niemeyer.


External Area

Image Credit: Nelson Kon

The house is located in Canoas, in Barra de Tijuca, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. It was built on the slope of a hill overlooking the bay and suggests panoramic images of the same. Historians and art critics define the house as one of the most significant examples of modern architecture.

Project Concept

Image Credit: Manual do Arquiteto

Niemeyer said of the concept: “My concern was to design the residence freely and to adapt it to the unevenness of the field without modification, making it into curves, so the vegetation could enter them without separation or departure from the straight line.”

“And I created the living spaces to be in a shadow, to avoid the need for curtains and allow the house to be transparent, as I preferred.”

Niemeyer intended to design his residence in absolute freedom, to shape the environments smoothly and adapt to irregularities in the land: in this way only could he obtain the feel that the vegetation penetrated the residence.

Living Room

Image Credit: Nelson Kon

Canoa residence is made up of two plants are located in the lower the private environments, while at the top are the spaces. The interior decoration was designed by Niemeyer himself and his daughter Ana Maria: it gives the atmosphere a warm atmosphere of familiarity, which can be captured in the original curves in all corners of the house.

Ladder to Access the Upper Floor

Image Credit: Nelson Kon

Das Canoas House has two floors, with the interior half-buried. This feature gave complete privacy to Niemeyer, who received his guests on the upper floor.


Image Credit: Nelson Kon

A sharp curve forms the living room, another the dining room, and another the kitchen. This arrangement makes the spaces seem open and closed in the Das Canoas House architecture project.


Image Credit: Nelson Kon

The windows of the ambiances are characterized by the outgoing profile and look at the subtropical vegetation. Nature is not separate or artificial, but it is free and suggested in all places of the architecture project, such as in the broad granite outgoing entering the room from the garden, almost emerging from the soil.

Many believe that this residence is the perfect synthesis of everything that the architect had experienced since his participation in Expo New York, in 1939. But, it is more than that, it was the turning point of the professional’s career, which became seek new ways of using concrete and using the external environment as a project-shaping element.

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