Apartment interiors can be tricky to balance. Just create a sense of space and get inspired by some interesting interior design ideas.

There are a plenty of choices and tastes to offer in apartments interior design. From minimalist mezzanines and lofts that bridge old and new, to sleek urban penthouses and dramatic transformations.

Bankside Loft by EBBA

This apartment renovation in London’s Southbank area is designed by emerging architecture studio EBBA, headed by architect Benni Allan. Bankside Loft was conceived as an open-plan, smart interior. It cleverly makes the most of a relatively compact surface, while creating an impact through its overall aesthetic. To achieve this kind of interior design, two mezzanine spaces were created either side of the apartment block’s structural frame, which was stripped back and is now visible in the unit. Underneath the mezzanine areas, the architect placed the kitchen and bathroom.

Florfield Road Penthouse by Common Ground Workshop

Transforming an unassuming, contemporary residential block’s top level into a sleek and open, modern penthouse, this project is the brainchild of young and dynamic interior design architecture studio Common Ground Workshop. The space, which is situated in the heart of London’s Hackney, is now wrapped in zinc cladding. It features smooth, high-quality materials inside and makes the most of the property’s large windows and sliding glass roof-terrace doors.

Caffe Latte Modern Home

House by the Bailucchi by llabb

Designed to be flooded in Mediterranean light, this apartment interior design in the northern Italian city of Genoa was designed by Luca Scardulla and Federico Robbiano of local architecture studio llabb. The concept combines a contemporary approach with the existing building’s period details. The property spans two floors and the architects focused on opening it up in order to allow light to travel to every corner. They also wanted to connect the two levels in a visually meaningful way.

Icon Wood House by Henkin Shavit Design Studio

This clever apartment interior design sits within a 1960s concrete residential building in Tel Aviv. When the client, a family of four, purchased the space on the 12th floor, the apartment was divided by three long and narrow rooms in a layout that felt dated and unwieldy. They came to local architects Henkin Shavit Design Studio to transform the interior into a bright, unified and contemporary home. 

Barbican apartment, Takero Shimazaki Architects

Takero Shimazaki Architects’ project for an apartment interior design within London’s Barbican makes the most of the Shakespeare Tower’s cluster of three long, linear apartments on each floor. By extending the living/dining space and removing internal walls, t-sa has created a spacious sanctum for clients who have spent many years in Japan. Shimazaki worked with lead designer Haruka Nogami, Edward Pepper and Giacomo Pelizzari to find an approach that melded traditional Japanese architectural language with the Barbican’s familiar palette of brutalist concrete and heavy timber.

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