The Architecture and Design Office AB + Partners was founded by the architect Alexandrin Buraga in 2015, and currently, its identity is also well known worldwide.

An Exclusive Interview with AB + Partners

Quoting the eternal Rudolf Nureyev, a Russian who mastered the art of dancing, “It’s been my whole life. My condemnation and happiness.”. Marco Ballerini, one of AB + Partners masterminds, feels the same about interior design and architecture.  Marco chose the path of architecture out of a pure passion for the gig, even though he’d be a pioneer in the family, which meant he had no idea which steps he should take. Marco was born and raised for 40 years in Florence, so he fell in love with ancient buildings and architecture. Alongside an educated love for beauty, provided by his parents, created the best possible environment to motivate and inspire a future architect.

”Accepting this type of existence, I began to enjoy every project we have. At AB + Partners, the architecture and interior design office I work for, they are so different that each of them is a challenge that we accept and fully enjoy.’

Marco’s biggest challenge was to leave 20 years of established work in Italy to go to Moldova to join a newly-born studio. 5 years went by and AB + Partners have become the biggest and most successful studio in the Republic of Moldava. Years went by and Marco went from designer to head of department and finally, CEO.

White inspiration – immaculate design for a noble house by AB+partners

”For 5 years, together with the company’s founder, the architect Alexandrin Buraga, we have made every effort to achieve growth that we can be proud of. I like to think that part of the success we achieve is due to the organization and team spirit we relied on from the beginning.”Marco Ballerini

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Marco believes that for the moment he has achieved all of his goals, both in private and professional life. But that doesn’t mean that one should be satisfied. Like Marco states, ”But we must never be satisfied and we must always look beyond, after all, the best project is always …. the next!”


Confession house – the sincerity of laconic lines by AB+Partners

For Marco, the architect is the one who shapes the way people live by the way they design the space. The way they preserve shape and connect with other spaces, ultimately creating people’s lifestyles. Marco likes to put his talent at sustainability’s service., as there is o better way to create and curate a better future. And ultimately, these ideas and ideals are core philosophies of AB + Partners. They strive to make buildings more efficient and environmentally friendlier.

Project by AB+Partners
Project by AB+Partners

“We strive to make the buildings as efficient as possible, respecting the environment. And we are constantly improving our projects to make our architecture consume less and less energy and be more sustainable. Since I have faith in the future, as Keynes’s prophecy says, I believe that the day will come when the economy will fall to second place, the one it deserves, and human relationships and creativity will predominate.”

Marco Ballerini

For Marco, the fastest and most effective way to get in touch with his and the studio’s audience is through his social media channels. His Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok profiles, with both projects and personal life affairs, create the perfect ambiance for engagement and audience, which Marco loves. As for the company’s official media and press channels publish only institutional content,

“The figure of the architect must be multilateral. It is a somewhat ambiguous figure, moving on heterogeneous territories without being able to fully control their complexity. This is the limit and poetics of our work. We have to be engineers, craftsmen, politicians, sociologists, communicators, psychologists, without actually being any of them, besides the fact that we are clearly big dreamers.”

Fantastic English – Creative Learning Space by AB+Partners
Fantastic English – Creative Learning Space by AB+Partners

AB + Partner’s typical client, in the eyes of Marco, is one that has the utmost confidence in their work and expertise. They pretty much rely on their creativity and ”inventiveness” to deal with their liberty to create. As for now, AB + Partners’ focus is on expanding and conquering the foreign market.

“Starting this year, AB + Partners is also present in Romania, in Cluj-Napoca. We aspire to implement the design | build | furnish system on the foreign market as well, and for this, we have opened an office & showroom in one of the locations with the greatest potential in Romania.”

Marco Ballerini

To wrap it up, Marco had a small piece of advice to give out tor young designers starting out their careers in the business. Marco suggest that they should start by getting experience working in medium-sized first and, if possible, work a few years in different countries, cultures and realities. That way, they reach their 30’s with a special experience and professional luggage. And, above all, to keep studying and get deeper knowledge regardig buildings or architects that you love,

“I would advise them to reflect, experiment, and understand that our job is beautiful, but it requires absolute dedication, enthusiasm, trust, even when you are defeated. Travel, observe and draw. Try to remember what fascinates you the most in the buildings you see and analyze.”

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