A Yacht that it’s not just your regular yacht. This masterpiece was made to attract the best and brightest minds and to help combat climate change. This yacht is how science looks at the water.

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Earth 300 Yacht
Earth 300 Yacht | Credit by  Iddes Yachts

 “Space may be the future but today, Earth is our only home” – Sallas Jefferson

The Earth 300, a nuclear-powered yacht, longer than the famous Titanic, is the latest technology invention that promises to revolutionize the investigations of climate change and bring solutions to continue to fight the challenge our planets are facing right now. This masterpiece was designed by naval architect Iván Jefferson, founder of Iddes Yachts, and has a 300-meter vessel and an aerodynamic look. This yacht incorporates robotics, AI, and quantum computing to attract the best and brightest minds from a wealth of fields.

Earth 300 Yacht | Credit by  Iddes Yachts
Earth 300 Yacht | Credit by  Iddes Yachts

“We wanted to create a design that would inspire (…) When one looks at the sphere, we want them to be inspired to protect Earth. “

Salas Jefferson


And of course, as expected, this superyacht does not come cheap and there were millions of dollars invested into making a revolutionary yacht like this one. The current price tag of this yacht is now between 500-700 million dollars. With a shape that reminds us of the Earth, will be the home of top climate scientists that will work to develop innovative solutions.

Earth 300 Yacht | Credit by  Iddes Yachts

The Earth 300 is expected to launch in 2025 and will have room for 160 scientists as well as 165 crew members and dozens of experts-in-residences and student researchers. And of course: VIP Guests. Guess it’s time to try to be friends with Beyoncé to get invited to this science party.

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