Luxury home located on the shore of the Caribean Sea, is born and it couldn’t be more unique. Combining classic architecture with a twist of contemporary style furniture, this design truly reveals the client’s personality. GDCLuxury directed by Gabriela del Cid, together with amazing design brands such as Boca do LoboKoket, Bentley, Paul Mathieu, Christopher Guy, Roche Bobois and Roberto Cavalli were able to create an environment in vibrant colours, giving the stage to absolute masterpieces. 

A Luxury Home in Honduras – Exclusive Interview With Gabriela del Cid, GDCLuxury Director

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One of the most important things to achieve an amazing, yet intimate and personal Luxury Home is connecting with the owners. Gabriela del Cid shared that the “Chemistry Was There From Moment One”, and the whole process contributed for her to perfectly interpret the owners’ view: “Initially I Was Contacted By Her, She Invited Me For Breakfast To Discuss A Project She Had In-Hands. Later She Introduces Me To The Family And We Started Working Together.”

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A Luxury Home in Honduras – Exclusive Interview With Gabriela del Cid, GDCLuxury Director

“Genuine. True. Bold”, are the three words that Gabriela del Cid uses to describe the couple who owns the Luxury Home, which truly reflects in the interior design project. Being completely different from each other, both the wife and the husband complement each other – “She’s A Classy, Classic-Lover Elegant Lady And He’s A Total Contemporary Brilliant Man, Yet Merged Are Perfect.” This amazing fusion is visible in every room, and what makes this project really special. 

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Another crucial aspect, when comes to achieve the perfect Luxury Home is the location. And what a better location than the Caribean? According to the interior designer, the spot played a huge part, inspiring the mood of the project­ – “Besides The Clients’ Persona, We Wanted To Bring Inside The Caribbean Vibes. Bright And Happy Colours Yet Elegant, Reminding Us Of Our Blue & Turquoise Ocean Waters And Orange & Golden Sunsets. There’s No Room That Follows The Same Colours, Yet You Still Fill The Harmony And Same Energy That Embraces You.”

Asked which is her favourite room of the Luxury Home, Gabriela answers without a doubt, the dining room“I Went Thru A Lot Of Emotions Here. I Love The Outcome, Pure Essence, Sensual, Effortlessly Chic, Simple Yet Is Everything. Holding A Story Behind, This Is Where Boca Do Lobo’s Metamorphosis Dining Table And Nº11 Chair Found Their Place.

A Luxury Home in Honduras – Exclusive Interview With Gabriela del Cid, GDCLuxury Director

A Room with a story…

The Dining Room, Was The Last Room To Be Completed Since We Really Wanted A Statement Piece, The Dining Table Had To Speak By Itself, To Seduce You, To Invite You, To Be Part Of A Very Sensual Experience By Having The Pleasure Of Using All Your Senses, In The Room. Tasting And Smelling Food, Hearing Friends And Family. We Were Missing To Feel And To See, Till We Found Metamorphosis Dining Table And No. 11 Chairs. They Together Are Pure Power, Desirable, Alluring, Remarkable Beauty. Evokes Admiration. The Minute We Found It We Knew It Was The One, We Didn’t Want To Wait Several Months For A Custom Made Size. This Happened Exactly The Same Week Salone Del Mobile At Milan Was Taking Place In April 2019. Incredibly The Piece Produced For The Fair Was Exactly The Measurement, That The Project Required. It Was Presented With The No. 11 Chair With The Exact Royal Blue Colour And Quantity We Needed! It Was A Challenge Full Of Adrenaline Because While Decisions/Transactions Were Made, The Piece Was Exhibited, Admire And Also Wanted By Hundreds Of People At The Show. But Finally, We Brought It Home!


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A Luxury Home in Honduras – Exclusive Interview With Gabriela del Cid, GDCLuxury Director

From the house structure, where “All The Walls And Ceilings Are Hand-Carved From Pure Mahogany”, to the art pieces from several places of the world collected by the couple, the Luxury Home is a “True Museum”, where “The Way Architecture Is Designed Truly Leads You To A Path To Be Discovered From Gallery To Gallery.” For the interior designer, there are three pieces that stand out: In the husband’s office, the “Antique French Louis Circa 1860 Founded At London”, and behind “Magnificent 3mts Height Doors, And There Is: “The” Outstanding Contemporary Metamorphosis Dining Table”, surrounded by 14 Nº 11 chairs, by Boca do Lobo.

Boca do Lobo was chosen for this Luxury Home because, according to Gabriela, the brand evokes emotions thru design, never forgetting its functional character – “Boca Do Lobo Is Not Just A Furniture Brand, Its An Experience, Its Timeless, It Can Be Easily Adapted To Space No Matter What Is The Style, It Has The Power To Attract Everyone’s Attention, Admiration And Love For It. For Me, It Is A Unique Perennial Beauty.”

A Luxury Home in Honduras – Exclusive Interview With Gabriela del Cid, GDCLuxury Director

“Captivating. Exuberant. Sleek. Sensual”, are the signature characteristics of GDCLUXURY, well visible in this Luxury Home. Mixing blues, golds, browns, oranges and pinks, in a balanced perfection the design studio truly accomplishes its mission – “Creating Interiors That Are Physically And Psychologically Comfortable, As Well As Beautiful And Functional”. This amazing design in Honduras holds inside magnificent design pieces, modern and contemporary, but also ancient and collectable designs.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this amazing interior designer and her firm, take a look at GDCLUXURY’s website.

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