Xenos Group Hotel unfolds their newest project: Zante Maris Suites, they are situated over a hill in the Planos area of Zante. This hotel has several buildings, they are dispositioned with great harmony, this experience begins in the central building, at the foot of the Hill. This was a preexisting building that was appropriately reformed in order to welcome the reception, lobby, restaurant and the first hotel rooms. The hotel core was designed at this level: here you can find the central pool, the outdoor bar and the pool bar, they all serve as meeting points for the entire hotel.



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The other hotel parts are disposed gradually in ascending levels on the side of the hill that allow a clear view of the sea for private pool and sharing pool rooms, this unique element is intensified through the infinity pool.



All the buildings communicate with each other through paths between olive trees and steps along with running water that gives to the clients a feeling of a small, village-like surroundings. The buildings volume converse harmoniously with the curves of the ground that are formed in series of rooms. This disposal creates a balance between a free urban composition of an unofficial settlement and at the same time the organization of a modern urban complex because of its high-level installations. Besides all of that, the relations between the parts and the whole was studied in order to achieve privacy in the room’s design, without altering the sense of unity and the qualities that are inherent in this complex level.



The landscape is one of the assets of this complex. It has a strategy that allows to merge the breaks from the scale of the building program and its harmonization with the natural relief. It was made a careful correlation of color and textures in interior and exterior spaces in order to highlight the continuity of the Greek landscape with the building. This boundary between man-made and natural environment provides an outdoor living experience.



All the materials and textures used in this architectural project aim to unify the environment with the interiors, so that you can feel familiar without superfluous elements, with furniture guaranteeing comfort and functionality.



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This complex includes two suites with larger surfaces that offer you an integral package of services such as: an office, a living room, a jacuzzi, a private pool and an outdoor private shower where you enjoy the beauty of nature while you’re taking a shower.



We call to this project: a masterpiece of interior design and architecture.



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