A Beautiful Wonderland-Themed Girlsroom by Ukvartira
A Beautiful Wonderland-themed Girlsroom by Ukvartira

A Beautiful Wonderland-Themed Girlsroom by Ukvartira that will inspire any child to follow their dreams!

Ukvartira, an incredible Russian Interior Designer, projected this amazing girl’s bedroom using beautiful pink tones and this magical wallpaper. For this room, the designer chose a beautiful pink cushioned bed for the main area which gives off a sense of comfort and fun with its round shape that resembles a rainbow.

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The Magic of Pastel Shades

This bedroom also includes a study area with an elegant desk and a lot of storage spaces. It’s excellent planning also allowed the designer to go ahead and create a little pampering area with a beautiful vanity, worthy of a princess. The smart use of space and the light colors make this bedroom also seem more spacious and airy. Ukvartira also included in the description of this project, some tips on how to create the perfect kid’s bedroom and which elements should always be included.

A Beautiful Wonderland-themed Girlsroom by Ukvartira
A Beautiful Wonderland-themed Girlsroom by Ukvartira

Firstly Storage Space is essential, especially in the toddlers’ rooms. Urkvartira mentions that spacious floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes are excellent solutions for a kid’s room. Calm and sweet colors should be used on the opposite of bright colors because these can overstimulate the child’s nervous system. Urkvartira recommends choosing soft pastel shades.


Dainty Armchair
Dainty Armchair

A canopy over the bed soft place of privacy we’ve created right in the built-in wardrobe A Convenient workplace. The best place to study is by the window and the size of the furniture should always be taken into consideration. Also, the chair should allow a healthy sitting position, the child’s arms should be bent at an angle of 90 degrees, and the feet should be able to touch the floor. How perfect is this project by UKVARTIRA?

This Wonderland Themed Girlsroom is one of the designer’s amazing projects for kids’ bedrooms and it is certainly a great source of inspiration.

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