These interior design trends will make your home more stylish than ever.

Do you know that moment when you look at the look of the home decoration and don’t like what you see? Soon there is a desire to change everything. In this article, check out the 8 interior design trends that will bring more style to your home.


Grandmillennial or Granny Chic

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The rising “grandmillennial” trend is a modern revival of homey design elements that you might find in your grandparent’s home. This interior design style is meant to evoke comfort, nostalgia, and tradition.
Think floral wallpaper, antique paintings, delicate china, crocheted throws, and vintage touches with a whimsical flair.

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

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Self-adhesive, removable wallpaper is gaining popularity with people who rent or are looking for a low-commitment way to upgrade their living space. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is perfect for an easy interior design change. You can get creative and simply peel it off when you get tired of it.
If you’re wary of covering an entire room in wallpaper, try adding it above the chair rail in dining rooms, above the molding in bathrooms, or even in closets.

Rustic Ceramics

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Kitchen designs may swap smooth, uniform backsplashes for colorful, handcrafted ceramic tiling.
You can use ceramic tiling to create backsplashes or cover entire walls. But handmade tiles are often more expensive than manufactured ones, so individual pieces can also be added as accents in your interior design to cut costs.

Green Cabinets

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Anyone looking to add drama to their kitchens may want to consider painting their cabinets green. Both lighter and deeper shades will be popping up in the interior design of kitchens everywhere. Because green is a mix of blue and yellow colors, it works with both cool color palettes and warm, cozier kitchen designs.
Pairing green cabinets with Carrara-marble counters can help highlight the gray veining in the stone.

Industrial Styling

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Industrial interior design style often incorporates elements such as exposed stonework, high ceilings, wood and metal elements, and neutral colors. This style has a mix of modern and traditional design and works for interiors that have to serve as places to live, work, and play.

Plaster Walls

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Before the invention of drywall, interior walls were often created by layering plaster over wooden strips called laths.
Drywall is quicker to install and provides a more uniform surface, but plaster’s depth and texture make a comeback.
To explore this interior design trend without ripping out your walls, suggested coating your drywall with a thin layer of plaster.

Wicker and Rattan Furniture

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Rattan and wicker details are on their way in because these natural materials add warmth and lightness to your interior design home decor. Rattan furniture is made from woven palm stems, and wicker pieces are typically made of woven willow twigs. Both styles are lightweight and can work indoors and outdoors.

Natural Fabrics

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Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and rayon may lose ground to natural and recycled textiles because it is growing awareness of environmental issues. This interior design trend shows that is better to use more sustainable materials and natural fabrics in the home. Textiles like organic cotton, recycled polyester, and low-impact linen as prime candidates for new trends.

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