These dining chairs bring a touch of style and comfort to any decor.

Dining Rooms are one of the main spaces in our homes as that is where we do key activities like eating meals, nourish ourselves, or have conversations with family and friends! If you’re looking for a way to upgrade the decor of your dining room, we have gathered a list of 7 must-have dining chairs from Essential Home that will add the extra element of style and comfort missing from your home. Get ready to be inspired by some of the most exquisite and unique designs!


Ellen Dining Chair

Image Credit: Essential Home

The Ellen Dining Chair is one of Essential Home’s Best Sellers, likely due to its luxurious features that bring personality and uniqueness to any dining room! Upholstered in velvet with mixed tones both on the back and the round cushioned pad, this must-have dining chair is an elegant and colorful addition to your dining room, coming in whatever color best suits you and your home!

Flon Dining Chair

Image Credit: Essential Home

From Essential Home’s latest collection with Masquespacio, you will not want to miss the opportunity to have this unique dining chair in your home! Inspired by Suzanne Flon, a key actress in the “Moulin Rouge” burlesque scenery, the Flon Dining Chair and its soft geometric shapes and desaturated pink color will take you to your favorite movie set!

Kerr Dining Chair

Image Credit: Essential Home

Another unique dining chair from Essential Home’s collection with Masquespacio that you will not be able to resist! Inspired by the six times Oscar nominee Deborah Kerr, the Kerr Dining Chair embraces the leading role of this fun and modern product selection due to its innovative shapes and multiple customization options. This chair is the extra glamorous element missing from your dining room!

Collins Dining Chair

Image Credit: Essential Home

Designed with a classic retro chic feel, the Collins Dining Chair is a comfortable piece that is perfect to pair with a circular dining table! Finely upholstered in velvet, with welted stitches on the seat and a stylish degree reclining on the crescent open back, this must-have dining chair is the missing piece in your dining room!

Henry Dining Chair

Image Credit: Essential Home

The Henry Dining Chair is one of our favorite pieces from the collaboration between Essential Home and Studiopepe, and will become yours as well! Italian architecture landmarks are the inspiration behind this unique chair that, although only features three legs, unlike most chair designs, provides the best of stability and safeness to your interior design.

Marco Dining Chair

Image Credit: Essential Home

Eat your heart out in the comfort of the Marco Dining Chair! This mid-century piece is the ultimate chair for a luxurious dining room. Featuring polished brass and glossy black feet along with round-shaped arms, you will get the best of comfort and style with this must-have dining chair!

Mansfield Dining Chair

Image Credit: Essential Home

Dining has never been so stylish! Bring personality to your dining room with the Mansfield Dining Chair, a functional and attractive chair! It is supported in a round polished brass base and then finished in velvet all along its iconic low-slung and crescent body. This soft must-have dining chair will be the delight of all your guests when you invite them over for a feast.

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