Let yourself be inspired by our home office design inspirations with the perfect lighting that will bring comfort and style to the space.

Working from home has become the norm for lots of us in the past year, and consequently, it has made us reevaluate how we can increase our work efficiency through a productive at-home workspace. In this article, you will find 6 different home office designs meant to make you happier and more productive! Be inspired and improve your workspace by adding these functional and impressive lighting designs to your office! Find more like this at DelightFULL’s Room by Room page.


Sophisticated Home Office

Image Credit: DelightFULL

The right home office inspiration comes with great lighting choices, such as the classic modern Miles Table Lamp. This lighting piece will bring back the sophisticated atmosphere of the 50s, making your office look more appealing. To complete this sophisticated mid-century office, you can add other pieces like the Collins Chair, Lasdun Desk, and Blake Shelf.

Modern Home Office

Image Credit: DelightFULL

Be carried away by another one of our home office inspirations! This one displays a chic yet functional design that will boost your productivity and creativity during work hours. The Basie Table Lamp, a unique lighting piece, the Ellen Dining Chair, and the Lasdun Desk are great and simple ways to add a fun mid-century element to the home office decor, which will make your worktime go so much faster and successfully.

Dark Home Office

Image Credit: DelightFULL

This dark home office inspiration seems like a great way to shut down the outside work and focus on your work. The modern Miles Wall Lamp is the right lighting piece fit for a dark office since it will suit exquisitely in your interior as a task light directed at your work. And the Bogarde Armchair is also an amazing piece that is as versatile as it is stylish.

Classic Home Office

Image Credit: DelightFULL

Improve your workspace by adding these classy and intriguing contemporary lighting pieces to your office. Both the Miles Table Lamp and the Miles Wall Lamp cast a soft glaze that will suit any modern office decor. You can also add the decorative Basie Wall Lamp for an extra glow, and the Lasdun Desk to complete the look.

Elegant Home Office

Image Credit: DelightFULL

Prioritize your ambiance and increase your work efficiency by adding a lighting piece like the Carter Desk Lamp to your office, as seen in this home office inspiration. This mid-century lamp has a soft casting light, so it is a perfect choice if you prefer a soft light that won’t overlap with the natural lighting coming from outside.

Glamorous Home Office

Image Credit: DelightFULL

The ultimate home office inspiration must include a good lighting piece to improve your well-being and work performance. Keep the office bright with the Galliano Round Suspension, an extremely balanced design where the light is cast through pipes. The Diana Table Lamp is also a perfect option for reading light. Other pieces shown in this home office design include the outstanding Edith Desk, Collins Chair, and intriguing Hitchcock Rug.

>Which home office design inspirations would you adopt ?<

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