Let yourself be inspired by our living room design inspirations with the right lighting piece that will bring personality and style to space.

Picking the right lighting piece for your living room interior may seem like a difficult task, so we’re hoping to help you get inspired and look for what best suits you and your home with these five living room inspirations! And you can always browse through our Room By Room page to find even more unique ideas. Shine the light on your living room with DelightFULL‘s wide range of lighting designs!


Elegant Living Room

Image Credit: DelightFULL

Be inspired by this elegant living room and create the perfect ambiance in your mid-century modern home with the Carter Floor Lamp, a light that has all the details to be a memorable lighting piece. And to complete the look, go with the modern Novak Sofa and the sophisticated Ellen Armchair!

Glamorous Living Room

Image Credit: DelightFULL

This glamorous living room inspiration uses a white and gold color combination that showcases a timeless taste. With the Laine Suspension as the statement lighting piece, beauty and a classical touch are added to the interior. On the other hand, the Fitzgerald Sofa, Zelda Single Sofa, and Miller Center Table are luxurious pieces that will be on everyone’s minds.

Dark Living Room

Image Credit: DelightFULL

This is an amazing dark living room inspiration that showcases a relaxing and mysterious ambiance. Not to mention it is undeniably stylish! The combination of the Lee Floor Lamp, the perfect corner light, the unique Doris Sofa full of personality, and the inspiring Craig Center Table is what makes this room an elegant mid-century interior.

Modern Living Room

Image Credit: DelightFULL

The Mid-Century style is all about simplicity, functionality, and clean lines. Center your mid-century modern living room around the Laine Suspension, a magical ceiling light that will add beauty to space, especially when complemented with the classic Hudson Armchair and Doris Sofa, as well as the stunning Franco Center Table and Minelli Bookcase.

Luxury Living Room

Image Credit: DelightFULL

Bring luxury to your living room design with the Carter Suspension! This is a more luxurious living room inspiration that showcases one of our impressive lighting designs, as well as the sophisticated Sherman Sofa.

>Which living room design inspirations would you adopt ?<

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