These decorative elements will make your home more stylish than ever.

Although the decoration is usually a personal theme that reflects the tastes and preferences, there are some decorative elements considered as “wild cards”, which you must have at home yes or yes.

Therefore, we list 5 key decorative elements that, regardless of their style, help transform spaces and give a personal touch to any corner of the home.



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One of the decorative elements that cannot be missing at home are mirrors, because they expand spaces, enhance light and fulfill an aesthetic function. The best places to place them are the hall, the living room and the bedroom.


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Plants are decorative elements that you should have at home, since they fill any space with life. From succulents to colorful flowers, these can be placed in almost any room: the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and even the bathroom.


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Another of the key decorative elements in the decoration is the rugs, since they completely change the spaces, especially if they contrast with other decorative elements at home. From a bohemian design to a more elegant one, you can place it under the coffee table or living room seats, in front of the bed in the bedroom or in the dining room.


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Lamps are one of the decorative elements that you should have at home, yes or yes. Whether pendant, floor or table lamps, these are essential to transform any space. From a classic style to a vintage design, your lighting can completely change an environment.

Paintings and Photos

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The paintings and photos are decorative elements considered as “wild cards” because they can basically be placed in any space and transform the decor. Whether they are works of art or photos and memories of vacations, family moments or with friends, they cannot be missing on your walls or side tables.

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