Whether in design, fashion, or interior design, these 5 colors will set the tone for the next season.

According to the Pantone Color Institute, there are 5 colors that will set the tone in the next trends for the autumn-winter 2021 season, whether in the world of design, fashion, or interior design.


From vibrant colors that relate to energy to more subtle ones that convey calm, these shades are ideal to combine with each other.


Image Credit: Instagram Pantone

The color Adobe orange is a shade similar to brown, which gives the feeling of a retro vibe. Therefore, it is emerging as a strong trend particularly in autumn.

Ultimate Gray

Image Credit: Instagram Pantone

The color Ultimate Gray takes its inspiration from solid elements, like natural stone and granite, which often feature a weathered appearance that emphasizes their enduring nature and dependability – attributes that resonate especially well during times of unpredictability. Gray hues traditionally symbolize intelligence and wisdom, and Pantone’s selection of Ultimate Gray provides a steady foundation that reassures.


Image Credit: Instagram Pantone

The Rhodonite color is considered within the range of purple, so it represents a point of balance. For this reason, it is usually combined with striking colors such as yellow and red. 

Fire Whirl

Image Credit: Instagram Pantone

This red hue is an explosive and strong color, symbolizing happiness and spontaneity.  Therefore, it is usually combined with different shades of blue to balance it.

Root Beer

Image Credit: Instagram Pantone

This earthy tone is based on the color of the Sassafras tree bark, so it relates to nature. Being a versatile color, it can be combined with green, blue and yellow.

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