A view makes all the difference, that’s what makes all the beachfront homes so amazing. See this selection of perfect oceanfront homes.

With summer just around the corner, everyone is already looking forward for the days spent by the ocean relaxing and enjoying sunsets!

There are stunning houses around the world, but you can assure there’s nothing that beats beachfront homes, it’s like a summer paradise. See this gorgeous ones and why we love them.


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Villa Amanzi

Let’s start with this amazing villa. Located in Phuket, Thailand, this beachfront villa can offer an exceptional and luxurious stay, an amazing pool and great views over the ocean and the jungle that surrounds the house.


BGS OceanEye

Built two years ago, this modern home in Costa Rica offers you the best of both worlds, you can enjoy views over the ocean as well as views over the forest in which the property is located.



Remote locations are a thing nowadays, so look at this stylish hut in Norway that looks as fabulous on the inside as on the outside. This Nordic landscape offers views over the water that will blow your mind away.



New Zealand has amazing private bays and this home located in one of them can offer you a view of a scenic paradise, each room has this stunning view. And besides that, did you already saw how great the interiors look?


Pole House

This iconic house in Australia is not only stunning due to its architecture but also because of its location and views, they are absolutely breathtaking, its so unique…


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