These are the 12 best interior designers from Ho Chi Minh and you have to meet them. Be inspired by the story of those who are already successful.

Vietnam’s most cosmopolitan city, Ho Chi Minh, is a mecca of Contemporary Design in Southeast Asia. This vibrant and dynamic city with a flourishing design scene has several amazing interior designers that will leave you impressed and inspired. Here’s a list of the 12 Best Interior Designers from Ho Chi Minh that you will love!


AA Corporation

Image Credit: AA Corporation

Established in 1993, AA Corporation is a company with the best interior designers from Ho Chi Minh, which offers expert interior design, extensive experience, exceptional craftsmanship, and outstanding quality furniture to luxury projects worldwide. Their vision is to become the world’s leading interior fit-out and furniture manufacturer with the highest standard and quality, and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Bel Decor

Image Credit: Bel Decor

Bel Decor focuses on innovative design solutions to serve their client’s unique needs, in interior design or construction and renovation. They believe in creating the perfect balance between Interior Design and Lifestyle, which results in luxurious projects with a practical approach made by the best interior designers from Ho Chi Minh.

CEEB Architecture

Image Credit: Ceeb Architecture

Ceeb Architecture is an interdisciplinary firm that creates exceptional designs at a lower cost. Their team consists of the best interior designers from Ho Chi Minh, who are creatives in the fields of art, design, and architecture, and in every project, they give special attention to the customer and their living values.

DarkHorse Architecture

Image Credit: DarkHorse Architecture

DarkHorse Architecture is an international design consultancy with the best interior designers from Ho Chi Minh, that provides a complete end-to-end advisory service, from strategic planning, master planning, architecture to interior design. They differentiate themselves by utilizing their international experiences with their local expertise.

KAZE Interior Design Studio

Image Credit: KAZE Interior Design Studio

KAZE Interior Design Studio provides service for luxury hospitality, F&B, residence, and office interior design projects made by the best interior designers from Ho Chi Minh. Since it was launched, the studio has developed over 100 high-profile projects in Vietnam and Cambodia. Their end goal is to create spaces that are both functional and comfortable.

Luca Interior Design

Image Credit: Luca Interior Design

Luca Interior Design is an award-winning firm recognized in the fields of interior design, architecture, and contemporary furniture design. They have the best interior designers from Ho Chi Minh in your team and construct and design interiors for private luxury homes, catering to those looking for exquisite quality, insightful experience, and unparalleled service.

Mia Design Studio

Image Credit: MIA Design Studio

MIA Design Studio is an innovative Master planning, Architecture, and Interior design studio that specializes in hospitality and residential projects made by the best interior designers from Ho Chi Minh. Their projects are valued for their formal simplicity and integration of interior and exterior into fluid spaces. They’re also committed to minimizing the negative environmental impact of buildings with their sustainable designs.

OUT-2 Design

Image Credit: OUT-2 Design

OUT-2 Design is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary design practice formed by a talented team of interior designers from Ho Chi Minh, that striving to design a better and more sustainable world for a living, working, learning, and leisure. Some of their core disciplines include briefing and development strategy, architecture and interior design.

Saraiva + Associados

Image Credit: Saraiva + Associados

S+A is a multidisciplinary company of architecture and design that has now offices in 11 countries. The company finds collaboration with the clients to be one of the most important aspects of their work. They’re also committed to sustainable development and holistic design service that is human-centered.


Image Credit: SIRHALO

SIRHALO is an innovating design studio providing interior design & architecture consultancy services. They provide bespoke design solutions for hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Each client can expect thoughtful, personalized service from this team of the best interior designers from Ho Chi Minh.

Thang Long Luxury Home

Image Credit: Thang Long Luxury Home

Thang Long Luxury Home is a company that aims to provide the most innovative luxury interior design and furniture solutions in Vietnam. Their main goal is to leave their customers satisfied with their service, but this is easy since they have the best interior designers from Ho Chi Minh on their team.


Image Credit: 33S

33S is a consulting, architecture, and interior firm established in 2017 that does projects in residences, apartments, offices, and businesses. Each design is produced with passion and professionally delineated. They aim to be the client’s storyteller through architecture with stories and visual thinking.

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