Luxury beds play a huge role in the Master Bedroom design. This room is the most intimate, personal room of your home, so when it comes to bedroom design and decor, it deserves all the attention. From the main pieces to tiny details, everything is important, and choosing the right furniture is one of the most important steps! Daily Design News selected 10 Luxury Beds, so you can achieve the master bedroom design of your dreams, starting from the most important piece – the bed!

Lapiaz Headboard by Boca do Lobo

The Lapiaz Headboard is an elegant and stunning choice that will certainly elevate any bedroom design! Through its organic features, this piece is sophisticated and exclusive, with a contemporary touch.

Lapiaz Headboard by Boca do Lobo | Press Pack – Download Now!

Iraya Headboard by Brabbu

Getting its name after Mount Iraya, an active volcano in the Philippines, whose forces, created a unique shoreline full of large smooth boulders on the beach nearby, this headboard’s perfect for a modern bedroom design.

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Souffle by Kelly Wearstler

modern icon, this piece presents a curvilinear form, bold massing, and thoughtful detailing. The body is finished in artisanal ruched leather which makes its design so impressive!

Nick by Molteni & C

Created by Molteni, this piece has a striking design balance, that shows a strong personality. With a range of choices of textile and leather, this piece is impressive and versatile, featuring both classic and contemporary bedrooms design!

Vime Headboard by Brabbu

A tribute to ancestral craftsmanship, this headboard is fully upholstered in velvet and adds extra comfort, combined with refined style to a modern bedroom design!

Sophia by Essential Home

With a mid-century style, Sophia has an outstanding modern velvet headboard, offering a cozy vibe, that is just perfect for any glamorous master bedroom!

Box by Zanotta

This piece is a modern and exclusive bed, by Zanotta. If you love neutral hues, and interiors, this piece is ideal for your bedroom design, since it won’t go unnoticed!


Caprichosa bed is inspired by the modern woman, flirty and unpredictable. This bed has a striking metal band that hugs the huge base. It’s a luxurious item that will look amazing in your bedroom design.

Dike by Antonio Cittero 

The Dike luxury bed will, for sure, make a huge impact on your bedroom. The luxury item is an incredible artwork and the headboard will bring a rich vibe to your bedroom design.

Marlow Bed by Tim Rundle

The Marlow bed is an exquisite artwork for every room. With an elegant silhouette, this amazing piece will elevate your bedroom design into a luxurious space.

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