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Dior is considered one of the most expensive brands in the world, the brand provides you luxury goods and as a reason for its high cost.


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Do you know what couture means? On the dictionary we can find the definition of couture as “the design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements.”, well, the couture brings together craftsmanship and visionary design. It’s not easy to find haute couture, we only see it if we are watching celebrities on the red carpet or a mannequin in a museum case. There a few brands that can be classified as haute couture. Dior is one of them, do you wanna know why? Each Dior piece is made by hand and it takes hours and hours of work to complete a piece. We will show you two of Dior pieces that took hours and hours to be built and we guarantee you that the crazy prices on couture start to seem at least a little less crazy.


86 hour Romper


This romper took 86 hours to make. Unbelievable right? It was presented this spring and you can consider that it is the easiest piece on your closet, but we assure you that it is complicated to make. This bodysuit is composed by 27 motifs, as you can see, a dinosaur, stars, a heart… As we look at this romper we see 24h of design and conceptualization and 86 hours of knitting and embroidering, it took six people to make this piece and a pound or so of wool.




200 hour dress


Can you imagine a 200 hours dress? Here it is, a dress that took no more and no less than 200h to be completed. It started with hand-dip-dying fabrics, having said fabric permanent press pleated by permanent press pleat specialists and ended with constructing the top layer of one skirt from nine separate permanent press pleat pieces. The process is excruciating, but the final results are breathtaking, don’t you think?


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