What’s the wallpaper trend in 2018? Check out our special collection for this theme, our very own selection of 5 ultra-modern wallpaper ideas.


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Wallpaper is a wonderful way to fulfill your home and to beautify it on an easy way. There is a wide range of patterns, colours and style to suit all tastes. There are trendy wallpapers that can be affordable. To succeed in decorating your interior space, the essential is to balance the present elements, the privilege of simplicity and functionality. Wallpapers have the ability of bringing a lot of character to a room, one of the great benefits of wallpapers is that they can easily be exchanged with another pattern or with another colour. You can experiment various patterns whenever you want and this gives you a lot of freedom.

Tropical wallpaper:

Who doesn’t dream of being at the side of the ocean having a drink and admire the sea in a tropical island? Almost everyone, but sometimes that’s not possible so let’s bring nature to your room.

Pastel Wallpaper:

If you are gentle, like sweet things and want to create an ambiance of serenity in your room you will love this wallpaper. Pastel can give life to you room without being too dark or too bright. They adapt mostly to minimalistic style interior design.

Geometric Wallpaper:

Are you obsessed with symmetry? Do you love things that are simple yet complicated? This is the perfect kind of wallpaper for you. Geometric wallpapers bring a vintage atmosphere to the space while being fun and daring. The only problem you may have with this kind of wallpaper is having too many choices!

Metallic Wallpaper:

Metallic wallpapers allow you to add a little bit of depth to your walls in a bold way you know? It’s a unique way to integrate a bit of a metallic color in your home without the necessity of buying another kind of decorative pieces. You can combine metallic wallpapers with wooden furniture and that warms the mood.

Stripes Wallpaper:

Modern lovers, vintage lovers, mid-century lovers, everyone can love this kind of wallpaper, they are trendy in any situation and can adapt at almost every type of home. Visually, wallpapers with vertical stripes expand your space. You can combine the wallpaper with another decoration item that has the same pattern but be careful, too many stripes can create a too dynamic atmosphere.

The wallpaper universe is very rich in patterns, colours, forms and styles. What to choose depends only of your personal preferences.


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