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As the weather keeps warming up, people tend to go out more and eat less at home and more at restaurants. So, we will show you our top 5 New York restaurants. The Sinatra’s New York, New York attracts people from all over the globe to visit its museums, monuments, streets and theatre but the New York restaurants are some of the best restaurants in the entire world.


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Le Coucou

The internationally acclaimed chef Daniel Rose opened a restaurant in NYC with the famed restaurateur Stephen Starr. The restaurant was designed by Roman and Williams and features cream tall hats, sparkling chandeliers on the ceiling and a majestic bar where you can lean on as if you were at Paris. The air smells like butter, onion and seared steak. We consider this restaurant as a old school one where you can find and eat Lyon’s famous quenelle de brochet (ethereally light pike in a creamy lobster bisque) or rabbit cooked in three different ways.



This wine-focused restaurant was named after the West Coast town that laid the groundwork for chef Justin Smillie’s love of cooking, speacilly meat and pasta. Upland features stunning California-inspired cuisine in the heart of New York City. Chef Justin Smillie empowered is name after the short ribs at downtone favorite Il Buco, so if you’re really hungry look for anything beefy. Smillie is a real pasta and vegetable talent, so everyone is invited to visit this space.






Le Bernardin

Opened for decades now, Le Bernardin is one of the most required restaurants in NYC, in the beginning of the Le Bernardin’s history, the chefs, Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze, only served fish. After receiving its first Michelin star in 1976, and two more in 1980, the Le Coze’s set to open Le Bernardin in New York in 1986.  Three months after opening doors, the New York Times gave four-stars to this restaurant and since then, it never drop its rating.




Agern means acorn in Danish. This restaurant is located at the Grand Central Terminal, tucked away between Vanderbilt Hall and the 42nd street southwestern passageway entrance. The menu, provided by the Icelandic head chef Gunnar Gíslason and his team features wild and farmed ingredients from the New York State region that are exposed to time-honored techniques and flavors rooted in Nordic Cuisine. The menu is changing all the time due to the incredible talent of its head chef.



Legacy Records

The Legacy Record is the newest project from the Delicious Hospitality, the team that is behind the downtown restaurants Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones. The restaurant features 85 seats a walk up café, two private dining rooms with their own test kitchen and a wine and cocktail bar.


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